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LifeSpring Whole House Filtration System - Rural Supply

LifeSpring Whole house Filtration System - Rural Supply is designed to provide comprehensive filtration for a household of 1-3 people in the 10" size and 4-6...

LifeSpring Whole house Filtration System - Rural Supply is designed to provide comprehensive filtration for a household of 1-3 people in the 10" size and 4-6 people in the 20" Size.

Pentair Pleated Filter Cartridges are washable, reusable and durable. Because of this the cartridge has an extended life span and is economical.

It also has an increased dirt holding capacity so cleaning is required less often.

This filtration system ensures that your rural water is fit for various purposes, including showering, bathing, and general consumption. Relax knowing you can enjoy filtered water from every tap in your house, a new level of joy and convenience. Bathing and showering will become a refreshing experience, leaving your hair feeling softer. Using purified water for brushing your teeth will enhance the overall sensation. Additionally, you can have filtered water at your kitchen sink for rinsing vegetables, fruit, and preparing food, bringing a new level of convenience to your daily routine.

Attainable Benefits

The LifeSpring Whole House Filtration System provides outstanding filtration performance, ensuring clean and safe water throughout your home.

Offers a hygienic lifespan of up to 2 years, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Effectively removes sediment and other particulate matter, improving the quality of water.

Features activated carbon block technology for exceptional contaminant removal, including the reduction of chlorine taste and odor.

Enhanced with KDF media to inhibit scale buildup in the filter, helping to prevent a decrease in product life and maintain efficient operation.

Capable of reducing fluoride levels by up to 25%, providing an option for those seeking to lower fluoride content in their drinking water.

Reduced Impurities

Filtering Chemicals: Reducing the risk of endocrine disruption, liver and kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and neurological problems.
Filtering Bad Smells and Odours: Reducing the risk of reduced water consumption due to unpalatability.
Filtering Heavy Metals: Reducing the risk of neurological issues, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and cardiovascular problems.

Selective Filtration 50%
Comprehensive Filtration 50%
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Product Specifications

Capacity: Approximately 6-18 months, depending on water usage and quality.

Housing: Consists of twin jumbo housings with 1-inch ports, designed for durability and efficient water flow.

First Filter - Pentek Sediment - Pleated Filter:

Manufactured Material: Special formulation of resin-impregnated cellulose and polyester fibers.

Features: Offers higher wet strength compared to regular cellulose cartridges. Provides high flow rates and dirt-holding capacity while maintaining a low pressure drop. Minimal unloading and media migration for improved filtration efficiency. Jumbo size - 1µ micron Pleated.

Replacement Indicators: Noticeable decrease in water pressure throughout the house, particularly during showering. It is recommended to keep a spare cartridge on hand for easy replacement. The cartridges are washable. The kit includes a spanner for hassle-free cartridge replacement.

Second Filter - LifeSpring Pentek RFC Series Cartridges:

Design: Unique radial flow design utilizing granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, minimizing pressure drop and significantly reducing the release of carbon fines typically associated with GAC-style cartridges.

Construction: Constructed with a porous polyethylene outer shell and robust polypropylene end caps, ensuring durability and performance. Incorporating a polypropylene core or a spun polypropylene core, respectively. A bed of granular activated carbon is sandwiched between the outer shell and the core, delivering efficient filtration while minimizing potential contaminants.

Application: Excelling in point-of-entry (POE) and other high flow rate applications, making them a reliable choice for ensuring healthier water throughout the entire household.

Kindly be aware that while this water system may not completely remove fluoride, it is capable of reducing fluoride levels by up to 25%. For those seeking a solution to remove fluoride from drinking water, we offer specialized fluoride filters designed to address this specific concern

Active Carbon Filter Specs
1.- Chemicals with very high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:
2,4-D Deisopropyltatrazine Linuron
Alachlor Desethylatrazine Malathion
Aldrin Demeton-O MCPA
Anthracene Di-n-butylphthalate Mecoprop
Azinphos-ethyl 1,3-Dichlorobenzene 2-Methyl benzenamine
Bentazone 1,4-Dichlorobenzene Methyl naphthalene
Biphenil 2,4-Dichlorocresol 2-Methylbutane
2,2-Bipyridine 2,5-Dichlorophenol Monuron
Bis(2-Ethylhexyl)Phthalate 3,6-Dichlorophenol Napthalene
Bromacil 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Nitrobenzene
Bromodichloromethane Dieldrin m-Nitrophenol
p-Bromophenol Diethylphthalate o-Nitrophenol
Butylbenzene 2,4-Dinitrocresol p-Nitrophenol
Calcium Hypochloryte 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Ozone
Carbofuran 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Parathion
Chlorine Diuron Pentachlorophenol
Chlorine dioxide Endosulfan Propazine
Chlorobenzene Endrin Simazine
4-Chloro-2-nitrotoluene Ethylbenzene Terbutryn
2-Chlorophenol Hezachlorobenzene Tetrachloroethylene
Chlorotoluene Hezachlorobutadiene Triclopyr
Chrysene Hexane 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene
m-Cresol Isodrin m-Xylene
Cyanazine Isooctane o-Xylene
Cyclohexane Isoproturon p-Xylene
DDT Lindane 2,4-Xylenol
2.- Chemicals with high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:
Aniline Dibromo-3-chloropropane 1-Pentanol
Benzene Dibromochloromethane Phenol
Benzyl alcohol 1,1-Dichloroethylene Phenylalanine
Benzoic acid cis-1,2- Dichloroethylene o-Phthalic acid
Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether trans-1,2- Dichloroethylene Styrene
Bromodichloromethane 1,2-Dichloropropane 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane
Bromoform Ethylene Toluene
Carbon tetrachloride Hydroquinone 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
1-Chloropropane Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Trichloroethylene
Chlorotoluron 4-Methylbenzenamine Vinyl acetate
3.- Chemicals with moderate probability of being adsorbed by active carbon*:
Acetic acid Dimethoate Methionine
Acrylamide Ethyl acetate Methyl-tert-butyl ether
Chloroethane Ethyl ether Methyl ethyl ketone
Chloroform Freon 11 Pyridine
1,1-Dichloroethane Freon 113 1,1,2-Trichloroethane
1,2-Dichloroethane Freon 12 Vinyl chloride
1,3-Dichloropropene Glyphosate  
Dikegulac Imazypur  
*(For this chemicals active carbon is only effective in certain cases).    
4.- Chemicals for which adsorption with active carbon is unlikely to be effective. However it may be viable in certain cases such as for low flow or concentrations:
Acetone Methylene chloride 1,4-Dioxane
Acetonitrile 1-Propanol Isopropyl alcohol
Acrylonitrile Propionitrile Methyl chloride
Dimethylformaldehyde Propylene Tetrahydrofuran

Product Dimensions

10" = 400 x 180 x (H)300mm, with a mounted bracket height of around 400mm

20" = 400 x 180 x (H)580mm, with a mounted bracket height of around 650mm

Providing a compact and easily installable solution for your water filtration needs. The combination of effective contaminant removal, good flow, and long lifespan makes the LifeSpring system a reliable choice for ensuring clean and safe water in your household.


To get your water system running perfectly, we strongly suggest getting a registered plumber to handle the installation.

Need a hand finding a great installer? Just pop over to our Dealers and Installers Page, filter for "installers," or give us a shout if you have any questions.

Where your filtration unit goes will depend on your house setup. It's best to chat with your plumber about where to place it for optimal performance. Somewhere protected from weather is best.

As for costs, they usually run between $300 and $600. But, if things get a bit complicated, like needing to dig to reach your main water pipe, it might go up to around $1000. Each home is a bit different, so we can't nail down the exact cost upfront.

Got more questions or need some advice? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help make sure everything goes smoothly and fits your needs just right.

LifeSpring Whole House Rural Supply Features

  • Peak Filtration Performance

    Elevate your home's water purity with our system, ensuring clean water at every tap for better health.

  • Efficient Water Flow

    Our system filters without reducing water pressure, maintaining strong and steady flow throughout your home.

  • Durable Hygienic Life

    With up to 2 years of filtration longevity, enjoy consistent water quality with minimal maintenance.

  • Clean Water, Whole Home

    Guarantee your family's access to safe, purified water in every room with our comprehensive filtration solution.

LifeSpring Whole House Rural Supply Benefits

This product has the potential to attain the below benefits, results may vary.

  • Filtering Bad Smells and Odours

    Reducing the risk of reduced water consumption due to unpalatability

  • Filtering Heavy Metals

    Reducing the risk of neurological issues, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and cardiovascular problems

  • Filtering Chemicals

    Reducing the risk of endocrine disruption, liver and kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and neurological problems


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Customer Reviews

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tastes amazing

The water tastes amazing using Ionza filters and also love the difference it makes to the quality of the bath and shower water with the whole house filtration system. One thing I find really great about the service is the helpful reminders of when to replace our water filters.