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Our warehouse location

Located in Golden Bay, Top of the South Island.

141 Rocklands Road   
RD 1 Clifton
Takaka  7183
Golden Bay 
New Zealand

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The Team 

  • Owner: Charlie Bowden
  • Sales: Tal
  • Customer Service: Dean and Bea
  • Accounts: Vera
  • Dispatch: Josette
  • Service & Repair: Rowan

More about the Team 

  • We dream of people being well!
  • We dream of a peaceful and loving world.
  • We believe in natural organically grown food and healthy water.
  • We believe in an alkaline iifestyle.
  • We know that water is one main pillar for good health, our human body is made up of approx 70% water!
  • We know of the alkaline ionised water and its health promoting quality in the body.
  • We know of our body's amazing capacity for self healing and the role that alkaline ionised water can play.
  • We have a dream that we all eat healthily, drink the best water available, exercise regularly and feel vital ! 
  • The world will be in a better place.

A bit of History

In 2007, Joseph Blessing started Ionza, distributing Alkaline Water Ionizers and Water Filters. At that time, Alkaline Water Ionisers were hardly known in New Zealand.

Since then Ionza has made an impact in NZ by distributing Alkaline Water ionisers with its significant health benefits.

It has developed a great range of Water Filters and Filter Systems to take care of various Water issues, such as chlorinated fluoridated City Water or ecoli and cysts in Tank Water, Bore Water or Spring/Creek water.

Ionza operates New Zealand wide and it also trades internationally to Australia and abroad.

Over the years we have attended many Health and Green Expos as well as Trade shows, offering both education and product information. We’ve also attended many Aima Conferences - a doctors/health practitioners conference offering various lectures on integrated and holistic health.

We were a sponsor for the Wanderlust Festival for 3 years and provided the alkaline ionised drinking water for all the Wanderlust Yoga events in New Zealand and Australia.

Over the years we have been active in doing research and published a Health editorial via email.

Today, IONZA has grown into a market leader for Water ionisers and Alkalisers in New Zealand.

Ionza is a Registered Trade Mark in NZ and Australia. It holds two other Trade Marks: the Alka Jug and the Alka Spring.

One of our products has become a hit - the Alka Jug has been sold approx 15.000 times and has been retailed by over 100 dealers throughout NZ and Australia.

It is our passion and interest to offer Water Ionizers and Filters to transform water into great quality to promote wellness, vitality and enjoyment for our clients. We strive to provide outstanding products with excellent customer service

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