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Don't just drink water, experience rejuvenation with ALKA SPRING.

Elevate your water experience with the ALKA SPRING Undersink Installation, the quintessence of hydration innovation. This coveted kit not only infuses your water with rejuvenating antioxidants through the ALKA SPRING cartridge antioxidant, but also transforms your H2O into alkaline bliss, soaring your pH levels to new heights. Immerse yourself in the world of negative ORP water purification and bask in the supreme hydration that our advanced mineral system provides. Seize the simplicity of installation and savor the purity in every drop. Order now and step into the realm of enriched, revitalizing water for life's endless vitality.

  • Enjoy revitalized hydration, your body nourished with each rejuvenating sip.
  • Experience serenity and vitality; invigorate your life with antioxidant-rich water.
  • Transform your water, experience the sheer joy of enhanced absorption and hydration.
  • Achieve biological harmony, introducing the tranquility of balanced pH to your routine.


Is the ALKA SPRING cartridge really better than bottled alkaline water?

Yes, it delivers superior hydration and antioxidation directly from your tap.

How can I be sure the ALKA SPRING system is worth the investment?

Invest in wellness with proven hydration benefits and essential mineral infusion.

Will I notice a difference in taste when using the ALKA SPRING system?

Absolutely, savor the refreshing difference of balanced, antioxidant-rich water.

Isn't installing an undersink system too complicated and time-consuming?

Installation is streamlined for convenience, quickly enjoying revitalized water. To ensure you don't void any insurance requirements, you are best to have a qualified plumber install this solution. Replacing the cartridge can be done yourself

The complete set for undersink installation includes various components for a seamless setup. These components consist of a Chrome goose neck filter tap, a T-line diverter valve, a pressure reducing valve, connectors, 1/4" tubing, wall brackets, and the ALKA SPRING cartridge, which brings revitalization and rejuvenation to your tap water.

The ALKA SPRING cartridge is an antioxidant composite filter designed to enhance the quality of tap water. It employs FIR (Far-Infra-Red) Energy beads and Mineral balls to ionize the water, resulting in several beneficial effects. These effects include making ordinary tap water alkaline, introducing antioxidants with a negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), raising the pH of tap water to approximately pH 9, and transforming tap water into smaller clustered water molecules for improved hydration and organic absorption.

By using the ALKA SPRING cartridge, users can enjoy the advantages of alkaline water with added antioxidants, experiencing refreshing and enchanting hydration. The negative ORP introduced by the antioxidants helps counteract the harmful effects of oxidative stress in the body, promoting resilience and radiance. Additionally, the raised pH level of the water and the smaller clustered water molecules contribute to improved hydration and absorption, providing nourishment and wholeness to the body.

Overall, the combination of the ALKA SPRING cartridge and the undersink installation set offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing the quality of tap water. With its ability to alkalize the water, introduce antioxidants, and optimize hydration, this setup provides users with a convenient and effective means of enjoying healthier and more refreshing drinking water, bringing weightless health to their daily lives while promoting biological harmony.