ALKA ULTRA X - RURAL: Filter & Alkaline Mineral Ionizer

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The Alka ULTRA X water system is an exceptional choice for filtering and transforming tap water, whether it comes from rural or city sources. It offers comprehensive purification, effectively removing chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, micro-plastics, bacteria, and cysts.

One of the standout features of this system is its ability to create alkaline ionised mineral water, providing a refreshing taste akin to mountain spring water. This ensures that every sip is fresh, alive, and delicious.

Not only does the Alka ULTRA X water system enhance the taste of your water, but it also supports your body's health and well-being on a daily basis. By inspiring you to drink more water, it promotes hydration and overall wellness.

For those relying on rural water sources, the Ultra filter with a powerful 0.01µm media is particularly noteworthy. This filter effectively removes bacteria, E.coli, giardia, cysts, as well as micro and nanoplastics larger than 10nm, providing clean and safe water.

The Alka ULTRA X water system includes a three filter and one mineral cartridge. Including a sediment filter, Ultra filter, Active Pure Xtra (with a 3-year capacity), and Alka Spring. It also comes with all the necessary parts, such as the T-line diverter valve, pressure reducing valve, connectors, 1/4" tubing, wall brackets, and pH testing drops.

This system does not include the Tap, you can choose from any of the tap option applied to this system and add them separately to your cart. We would recommend the Dual Source Tap, this system offers the convenience of filtered water on one side and filtered and alkaline water on the other side. Additionally, the two taps can be opened simultaneously, allowing you to mix both water types and achieve a desired pH level. The supplied pH testing drops enable you to monitor and understand the different pH levels of your source water.

In summary, the Alka ULTRA X water system is a remarkable solution for transforming tap water into clean, safe, and delicious alkaline ionised mineral water. Its advanced filtration capabilities, dual source tap, and comprehensive filter system make it a reliable choice for enhancing your water quality and promoting your well-being.