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Introducing the Water Flow Meter, an exciting addition to your water filter system! This battery-operated device is perfect for any system with a 1/4" tubing size.

With its built-in 1/4" quick connectors, the flow meter seamlessly integrates into your water filter setup. Its digital display provides accurate and real-time measurements, allowing you to monitor the quantity of water used over time. With just a simple push of a button, you can easily check the water flow and track your usage.

Resetting the device is a breeze. Using a needle, simply press and hold the micro button for 5 seconds, and the flow meter will return to zero, ready for your next measurement.

To ensure continuous operation, the flow meter comes with 2 x AAA batteries, providing long-lasting power and convenience.

This device is perfect for measuring filter capacities that are dependent on usage, such as Fluoride filters. Stay informed about your filter performance and make informed decisions about maintenance and replacement.

Upgrade your water filter system with the Water Flow Meter and take control of your water usage like never before!