RO PURE: Nitrate & Fluoride FREE - Tankless Reverse Osmosis System, incl Remineralisation

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Introducing the RO PURE, a remarkable tankless Reverse Osmosis System that offers advanced filtration and remineralization capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Filtration: The RO PURE effectively removes nitrates, fluoride, VOC chemicals, agrichemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, and many other contaminants.

  2. Tankless Design: Unlike traditional tank-style systems, the RO PURE does not require a storage tank, resulting in more efficient water usage and a smaller footprint.

  3. Nitrate and Fluoride Removal: The system achieves impressive removal rates, with 80-90% removal of nitrates and 90-98% removal of fluoride.

  4. Water Flow and Pressure: Enjoy high water flow rates of approximately 2 liters per minute and optimal performance at water pressures above 40 PSI.

  5. Minimal Waste Water: The RO PURE wastes significantly less water compared to tank-style systems, operating at an efficient recovery rate of 29% (1 to 3) at all times.

  6. Re-Mineralization with Alka Spring: After the Reverse Osmosis treatment, the Alka Spring component of the system re-mineralizes the water, adds magnesium, antioxidants, and raises the pH to a mild alkaline level, vitalizing the water after the Reverse Osmosis treatment. It raises the pH from an acidic 5.9pH to a mild alkaline pH of approximately 8pH.

  7. Faucet is not included: Please select this separately according to your needs

  8. Complements a Healthy Lifestyle: The RO PURE system is an ideal complement to a natural, healthier lifestyle, providing purified water with added minerals and a higher pH level.

  9. Compatibility with Water Ionizer System: If desired, an Alkaline Water Ionizer can be added to this system to achieve a higher pH level and benefit from hydrogen, electron, and antioxidant-rich water in combination with the RO system.

  10. Enhanced Culinary Experience: Enjoy brighter flavors in produce, cleaner rinsing of fruits and vegetables, and clearer, more flavorful coffee, tea, and soups with the RO PURE system.

  11. Commercial-Quality Output: The RO PURE system is capable of producing hundreds of gallons of water per day, making it suitable for commercial use, such as in coffee shops or restaurants..

  12. Compact and Affordable: Despite its high capacity and water quality, the RO PURE system is compact in size and more affordable compared to average RO systems. It does not require a storage tank or pump, making installation simple with only three ports..

  13. Easy Installation: The RO PURE system connects to an ordinary home's water pressure above 40 PSI or 2.8 bar, eliminating the need for additional pumps or tanks..

  14. Water Test and Pre-Filters: Depending on your water source, a water test may be required to determine the suitability of the RO PURE system. Pre-filters may also be necessary for certain water conditions.


The implementation of this system yields several benefits: Firstly, it significantly improves the taste of drinking water, making it noticeably better. Secondly, it enhances the clarity and flavor of beverages such as coffee, tea, and soups. Moreover, it ensures that fruits, vegetables, and other foods are thoroughly rinsed, resulting in cleaner produce. Additionally, it facilitates the production of hard and clear ice cubes, and enables the convenient preparation of baby formula directly from the tap. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for bottled water, reducing expenses, hassle, and waste. Overall, this system provides healthy mineral-rich water, enhancing the overall quality and enjoyment of drinking water, beverages, and food.