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Subscription Policy

Subscription Program Term of Conditions

This service offers you a convenient automatic delivery and payment of your replacement filters as well as an awesome 20% discount

This program is for anyone who replaces their filters at regular intervals, for example every 6/12/18 months. The way it works, you select a time schedule for replacing your filters this will be saved to your profile so you can change intervals to suit your needs at any time.

We will then package and deliver your replacement filters at the selected time. You will receive an invoice automatically. No need to organize payment as we will automatically charge your credit card. 

Great Benefits:  

There is no work for you to order.

  • We retain your credit card details in our secure system.
  • It will arrive at your doorstep automatically.
  • No more overdue filters that have lost their capacity. 
  • Continued great purified high-quality water in your home.

Terms: Subscription needs to run for at least for 2 cycles before it can be cancelled without penalty.

If you need to cancel earlier, that is fine, we will just need to bill you for the saving of 20% and freight received on your first subscription.

You can cancel penalty-free up until one day before due date. Please note; on the due date we won't accept a penalty free cancellation of an already processed order. If you wanted to cancel this order, we would need to charge 20% of the order value and an admin fee of $25.