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Balancing the Discussion on Fluoridated Water

On November 15, 2021, the government enacted the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2021, paving the way for potential nationwide fluoridation of public water supplies by 2024. This legislation transferred the authority to decide on fluoridation from local authorities to the Director-General of Health, aiming to establish a uniform approach to community water fluoridation, citing its well-documented health benefits. Local authorities are now obligated to fluoridate water supplies when directed by the Director-General, and those already fluoridating must continue to do so.

However, concerns have arisen regarding the potential health risks associated with fluoridated drinking water. Some experts, such as prominent New Zealand nutritionist Ben Warren, have observed differences in weight loss between populations consuming fluoridated and non-fluoridated water. Warren suggests that fluoride, due to its chemical properties, may interfere with iodine absorption in the body, potentially impacting thyroid function and, consequently, weight management. We have a seperate blog with more detail here

Recent discussions, including insights from renowned neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, have shed light on fluoride's impact on health, particularly concerning thyroid function. Even at standard concentrations (0.5 mg per liter), fluoride can disrupt thyroid hormone levels, affecting those with familial thyroid issues or anyone aiming to maintain optimal health. Listen to Dr. Huberman's exploration of this topic for a deeper understanding: Huberman Lab Podcast.

Critics argue that the systemic effects of fluoride deserve thorough examination by health authorities before widespread administration to the public. They urge caution and recommend avoiding the consumption of fluoridated water until comprehensive research is conducted.

Additional concerns come from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA, which highlights various side effects associated with fluoride exposure. These include arthritic symptoms, bone fractures, brain effects (including potential reductions in IQ), cancer, diabetes, endocrine disruption, gastrointestinal issues, hypersensitivity, kidney disease, decreased male fertility, disruption of the pineal gland, skeletal fluorosis, thyroid disease, and acute toxicity.

Critics of water fluoridation argue that there are alternative approaches to promoting dental health without the potential health risks. For instance, the Scottish CHILDSMILE program has successfully educated both children and adults about oral hygiene practices, dietary choices, and their impact on gum and teeth health. Scotland's experience suggests that avoiding sugary drinks and sweets in schools can have a significant positive effect.

Regarding iodine, some studies suggest that fluoride's interference with iodine absorption may have widespread health consequences, potentially impacting the immune system and increasing the risk of various health issues. It is also believed to have connections to thyroid disorders, breast health, and overall mental well-being. While iodine deficiency symptoms can vary, they may include frustration, depression, mental retardation, goiter, abnormal weight gain, decreased fertility, coarse skin, constipation, and fatigue. Iodine plays a crucial role in maintaining metabolic rate, energy levels, and preventing hypothyroidism. It may also have anti-carcinogenic properties.

In light of these concerns, individuals seeking to remove fluoride from their water supply can explore various options. It is essential to verify the efficacy of fluoride removal products through independent laboratory tests, rather than relying solely on manufacturer claims. One recommended method for fluoride removal is the Ionza FluorEX Max filter, known for its high removal rates and the use of natural media, such as carbon and calcium with nano technology, which minimizes the risk of water recontamination.

As the debate continues, it is important for individuals to stay informed about the potential risks and benefits of fluoridated water and make informed choices about their water supply.

Here is a link to a 30min discussion created on the 1st of Feb 2024, where Andrew Huberman explains that the presence of fluoride in water is aimed at strengthening teeth and preventing cavities. He emphasizes that the impact of fluoride on health depends on its concentration and that, at certain levels, fluoride can be harmful and even considered a poison. 

Our FluorEX Max filter represents the pinnacle of fluoride removal technology, ensuring your drinking water is virtually fluoride-free from the first use. Unlike conventional filters, the FluorEX Max boasts a unique, all-natural composition that doesn't strip water of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Its efficiency is unmatched, with a proven 99% fluoride removal rate at the start, maintaining 90-95% effectiveness even after 2000 liters. We have multiple systems that include this Filter and is can be bought separately to add to your existing system. Call us to work out the easiest way to filter fluoride for your situation today

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If you would like help with removing fluoride from your water supply, call us. We have researched fluoride removal a lot over the years and have been testing fluoride removal cartridges for their actual removal rate with an independent laboratory rather than just rely on the claims of the manufacturers. We have found that all but one filter cartridge that we tested did not fulfill the claims of 'up to 99%' fluoride removal. So in case you purchased or intend to purchase a fluoride filter we recommend to ask the supplier for an independent lab test done in NZ to verify the efficiency of removal.


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