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Welcome to our FAQs page, your go-to resource for all things ionza-related. Whether you're curious about our products, policies, or anything in between, you'll find helpful information and solutions here. Let's dive in and unravel the mysteries together!

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Bringing Water Back To Life

00:00 - Bringing water back to life.

04:21 - Discussing hydrogen.

07:19 - Discussing pH

12:43 - Ionizer vs hydrogen machine.

15:41 - Product range.

Filtration and Water Sources

00:00 - Introduction to water source and filtration systems.

01:16 - Town water supply.

05:05 - Rural water supply.

08:45 - Bore water.

09:24 - Testing your water.

11:40 - Filtering town supply.

15:26 - Filtering town supply w/ fluoride.

19:13 - Filtering bore water.

20:43 - Filtering creeks and streams.

21:37 - Filtering tank and rain.

23:24 - Difference between RO and UV systems.

Technical FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Yes, you can connect it to most pre-filters. Please check with us regarding your situation.

There are manuals for each system explain how to change the filters. It is very easy, and you will not need an installer/plumber to do this.

IONZA offers several water ionizers for different installation options. The EHM Vita and EOS ionizers can be connected directly to your kitchen tap with a tap diverter valve. The KYK, Chanson and the Ionplus ionizers are not supported for the direct connection to a multi temperature tap, as there would be danger for hot water to run through. The water ionizer needs to be securely connected to the cold water source only. Any chance to accidently turn on the hot water tap and run hot water through the unit is therefore eliminated. Ionza installers or your plumber will do this for you. The installing plumber will need to sign the warranty installation confirmation. This is to ensure the safe running of your valuable appliance.

The EHM Vita, which is designed to be connected to the kitchen tap offers also more portable features.

Give us a call and have a talk about your requirements. Full instructions are supplied with each unit.

The media of some Cartridges & Filters can be disposed of in your compost bin and the housing can be recycled.

Below is a list of our Cartridges & Filters where this applies:

Alka Jug Media
Active Pure Media
Active Pure Plus Media
Homay Inbuilt Media
Homay Carbon Media (Homay Underbench 1 of the 2 external filters)
Instructions: Cut open the plastic housing and pour the contents into your compost bin. Wash the housing and drop in the plastic recycling.

Unfortunately, at the moment, all other Cartridge's & Filters not mentioned above are not able to be recycled, so please dispose of the entire filter and internal media into your rubbish.

The Homay, EOS and  KYK Chanson and Ionplus water ionizers have a fully automatic cleaning cycle, that kicks in after every time ionized water was produced. It pays to test the ionizer every 3 months for its functioning. Fill maybe 20ml of ionized water pH9.5 into a glass, add 4 drops of testing liquid to it, and check the colour response. It needs to be purple. If it is not, then it pays to clean the machine manually: Dial pH 4 or pH 3 if available and run it for about 10 liters to clear the electrolytic plates from scale/mineral deposits. After that test again. If it still does not show up purple, it might be appropriate to clean for another 10 liters. If it stiil prolongs and does not free up the scaling through this cleaning method, then the ionizer needs to be cleaned with a 'cleaning cartridge', which offers lemon acid into the ionization chamber.  A pre-made cleaning cartridge is available for the EOS and KYK range. For the Chanson we can offer a cartridge which can be filled with Citric Acid, which offers a simple and cheap method to clean the plates. More details, please contact Ionza.

Filter replacements: The filters need to be replaced every so often. Different models have different filter life spans. Some show their life on the display of the ionizer with a filter counter. Once a filter comes to the end of its life, the ionizer offers an alert, e.g. the KYK and EOS show it in the display at 70 liters remaining filter life, to remind that it will need replacing soon.

The price of the producta does not include installation.

However, we provide a list of local installers who can assist you with the installation process.

You can refer to this list to find a professional installer near your location. They will be able to provide you with their services and associated costs for installing the product properly. Please reach out to our customer service team if you require any assistance.

The ionization is also influenced by the mineral content of the source water. In some situations when the water supply is very soft, it pays to include a Remineraliser in line. e.g. Rainwater (in particularly rain water stored in plastic tanks), reverse osmosis, some springs, some aquifers, some dams (surface water).

All our Ionizers offer good to excellent strength of water ionisation. this means that they all can offer levels of pH from approx pH 4 to pH 11 and slightly beyond depending on the water source and the flow rate.

Antioxidant capacity is also offered in a range: ORP (=Oxidation reduction potential or in simple terms the antioxidant content) of up to -600mV (depending on mineral content in the source water).

Educational FAQs

Find the most frequently asked questions below.

A water ionizer/alkalizer is much more than just a filter. Of course it filters out contaminants and purifies the water. However it gives us a lot more, in particular it offers four great qualities to our body:

  • antioxidants for detoxifying and rejuvenating body tissues, fatty tissues and cells,
  • high alkalinity for de acidifying the body,  
  • smaller water clusters to hydrate the body much deeper, and
  • ionic, electrically charged minerals, for much better absorption of minerals and effective delivery to the vital organs

The water is delicious, it tastes soft and is therefore easy to drink.  A nice side effect is that we drink naturally more water as well.

Users commonly report positive health changes, such as more energy, increased level of endurance, better concentration and focus, better hydration, showing skin and hair being softer, and the complexion exceptionally good. It offers relief from pain, such as mussel and back pain, and arthritic pain.

Athletes enjoy a marked increase of endurance, together with a majorly reduced chance of lactic acid build up, as the body gets supplied with ionic alkaline minerals through the drinking water.

All this is based on ionised water being so beneficial to the body's functioning, and as we are about 70-80% water depending on our life stage, the body thrives on water that assists its functioning. It is not a miracle water, although it offers smaller and bigger wonders ..... but really (provided we drink plenty of this water) it simply matches the body's needs well and the body thrives on it.

You can refer to our blog to read more about Ionized Alkaline Water for Health Benefits

The Kangen machine and hydrogen machines serve different purposes and offer distinct features:

1) Kangen Machine/ Ionizers: is a type of water ionizer that produces alkaline ionized water through a process known as electrolysis. It uses electrodes to split the water into alkaline and acidic components, resulting in alkaline water for drinking and acidic water for other purposes like cleaning. The Kangen machine primarily focuses on adjusting the pH level to create more alkaline water while also producing ionized water that can contain molecular hydrogen and various minerals.

2) Hydrogen Machine: Hydrogen machines, on the other hand, are designed specifically to infuse water with molecular hydrogen (H2). These machines utilize a process called hydrogenation, which involves dissolving hydrogen gas into water, resulting in water with increased hydrogen content. Molecular hydrogen has gained attention for its potential health benefits, such as antioxidant properties and its ability to support cellular health. Hydrogen ionized water has garnered interest among individuals seeking to recover from serious health issues, including cancer, as well as those looking for powerful preventative health measures.

Hydrogen Water and Alkaline Water differ in a single, major way. While Alkaline Water seeks to use higher pH to treat issues in the body, Hydrogen Water fights the basis of all illness, aging, and disease – oxidation stress and inflammation.

In summary, while the Kangen machine primarily focuses on pH adjustment to create alkaline water, hydrogen machines focus on infusing water with molecular hydrogen for its potential health benefits and has gained attention as a health protocol for both recovery and prevention.. Both machines offer different functionalities and are designed for distinct purposes.

Mineralisation of water is relevant for various types of water supplies, including rainwater. Rainwater is naturally soft and typically low in mineral content. While rainwater is generally safe for many uses, including irrigation and household tasks, mineralization can be beneficial if it is intended for drinking or long-term consumption. By adding minerals to rainwater, it can be enhanced in terms of taste and nutritional value. Mineralization helps ensure that essential minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are present in the water, contributing to its overall quality and potential health benefits. Mineralization is particularly important for water sources that are demineralized or have low mineral content. Examples of water supplies that may require mineralization include distilled water, reverse osmosis (RO) treated water, and certain types of purified or filtered water that have undergone extensive treatment processes. Mineralization helps restore essential minerals to the water, enhancing its taste, promoting hydration, and ensuring the intake of necessary minerals for overall health.

Check out our Biomineral and Alka Spring for mineralised alkaline drinking water!

The ionized water or “living” and “dead” water as some people call it is made from ordinary water. During electrolysis, water is composed into two components that are simultaneously collected in two different ionizer containers. One component has light negative electrical charge and alkaline medium (pH = 10-12). This water is called alkaline (“living” or catholyte). The other component has light positive electrical charge and acidic medium (pH = 2-4). This is acidic water (“dead” or anolyte).

Activation is caused by two factors: by electrical charge, i.e. oxidation reduction potential (ORP); and alkaline or acidic mediums that are indicated by pH indicator.

The acid water is a ‘free' bonus. It is excellent for all manner of skin complaints. It can be used as an astringent face wash. it's excellent for hair care, acne, sores, bench top sterilization, general cleaning and more. We also offer the acidic drain water to our house plants, and they thrive on it.

The ‘splitting' of the H2O (water) is the proof that the Ionizer does what it says it does. The process of splitting causes the following:

Approximately 70% of the H20 (water) input is molecularly rearranged into OH-, or alkaline, negatively charged water.
Approximately 30% of the input H2O is molecularly rearranged into HO, or acidic water.

Ionized water from water ionizers is light water. It has a smaller molecular cluster and you can drink it all day hydrating the body really effectively.
Ordinary water does not penetrate your cells like alkaline, ionised water does. This is why ionised water which is rich in antioxidants is able to rid our bodies of acid wastes in the cells. It can go where ordinary water cannot, and it has the capacity to neutralise free radicals, and to balance acidity in the body.

Due to the pace of life and the state of our foods, the concentration of acid-producing items in our diet means that the majority of people are overloaded. You might know individuals who seem to be calm all the time, there's a very good chance that he or she isn't acid overloaded.

You can test your urine/ saliva to give you some idea of your acidity. To achieve a more accurate reading, it needs several readings over the course of several days to assert the body pH. Bearing in mind, that our body is always attempting to balance the acid and alkaline levels, therefore it might  be getting rid of a lot of acid at the time of the test.

It is a good idea to give consideration to your diet. There are many sites that will give you a list of acid and alkaline-producing foods.

It does not filter out minerals that are in solution because they won't stick to the carbon. Minerals that are not in solution will be filtered out. It is important to retain minerals in the water, as the body wants to receive minerals, and the ionization needs minerals to function well and to offer ionic minerals.

Hard water, and water with high lime content may require additional pre-filters to ensure the machine runs correctly and long term.

Water ionizers have been in use worldwide for more than 40 years. In Japan every 5th household has a water ionizer. In Korea maybe every 15th household. There are millions of users worldwide.

The same concept has been used for home and industrial applications. Ionizers have been approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in various countries. In Japan and Korea it is present in numerous hospitals.

There has been intensive research done internationally for many years. There has been extensive research done over several decades. There is data available today showing interesting findings on general health benefits, combating disease such as diabetes, on animal rearing, applications in the milk industry, agriculture, horticulture or simply about extending shelf life of produce

Yes, ionized alkaline water may be used. Foods such as soups and beverages will have better waste because alkaline water does not contain acidic traces of salts that “travel” to acidic water. However it is important to keep in mind that boiled ionized water loses its oxidation reduction potential, therefore alkaline water for drinks should not be boiled.

Acid water kills bacteria and keeps our skin clean naturally.  It is also a natural astringent that will tighten as it cleans. It won't irritate skin like chemical based acne and rash treatments. Strong ionized acidic water at approx pH 3 has been used in hospitals in Korea and Japan successfully to treat eczema, psoriasis and athletes foot.

I know that I should eat and drink healthy foods, but I can't seem to keep to a consistent program. How will a water ionizer alkaliser help me?

Drinking ionised alkaline water and your interest in health are a good match. By default, drinking the ionised alkaline water, you will get lots of antioxidants into your body thereby consistently detoxifying your body on a cellular level and balancing oxidative stress. Provided you drink the water you will hydrate your body well. Ionised water also assists you to increase alkalinity in the body helping to balance the effects of acidity accumulated from food, drinkgs and stress.

With the increased solubility of the water, it is more readily absorbed into your body. Your skin and hair may become significantly softer. In addition, it can enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals into your body. It also may help clear up some digestive problems.

People located in the Hunza Districts of Pakistan, Shin-Chan areas of China, the Caucasus in Azerbaijan, and in the Andes Mountains live longer with less health problems. There are other well known healing springs in the world, famous for its quality of water, such as Lourdes in France. Researchers find that these waters are high in alkalinity, have a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential), potential caused by either intimate contact with certain native volcanic materials/minerals or by cascading over certain igneous rocks. Higher content of ionic minerals and smaller clustersize are the othe features of such springs. It is proven that water Ionizers are able to produce the same features to different levels, and similar effects.

In a perfect world, we would have perfect pH input to our bodies. In reality most people's body pH is too acidic. This is due to our lifestyle, acidifying foods and drinks and also stress.

Too much acidity in the body is the arguably the underlying root of disease. Too much acidity gets stored in fatty tissues.

The pH of our blood is the supreme commandment of the body. All systems work to support its stability, most often to the detriment of ‘lower order' body systems such as pancreas, kidneys, bones, and pH buffering system.

It is most beneficial to offer the body qualities that ionized water offers, such as high alkaline water, as it assists the body to detox, and to eliminate acidity.

It pays to start drinking ionized water at a low level such as pH8.5 and drink this level for about 3 weeks. Then advance to pH 9 for another 3 weeks. After go to pH9.5 and drink this level as the general mature drinking level. For remiedies and boost of energy, you can drink pH 10, however only once you accustomed yourself to the mature drinking level.

According to our experience, drinking pH9.5 alkaline water regularly is appropriate and beneficial. Drinking too much alkaline water?  As with anything when we don't listen to our body and force things, it is possible to consume too much and override  the body, just like with alcohol. However this has never been an issue as far as we can tell. What we have experienced that clients have started drinking ionized water straight with pH9.5 and therefore experienced detox and elimination. A gentle approach is appropriate.

Where are the Ionizers made?

All KYK and EOS ionizers are made in Korea. The Homay ionizers are made in China by one of the market leaders, while the Homay electrolytic plates are made in Japan.

Its best to drink ionised alkaline water fresh, as soon as its made. However you can bottle ionised water well. Find bottles with an airtight screw cap, glass is best. Fill the bottle right to the rim, then cap it. Avoid plastic or aluminium bottles. Polycarbonate (avoid heat) or stainless-steel is ok however it is nicest to drink ionised alkaline water out of glass.

Discover the health benefits of ionized water and how it can improve your overall well-being.

Our products have the ability to add or enhance you water with

  • Alkaline Helps balance pH levels in the body for improved hydration and overall wellness.
  • Hydrogen May enhance energy, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve recovery, and offer antioxidant benefits for overall health
  • Antioxidants Fight free radicals in the body, promoting anti-aging and immune system support.
  • Added Minerals Boosts hydration, supplies essential nutrients, and supports bone, heart, and overall health.
  • Increased ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) Enhances its antioxidant effects, aiding in neutralising free radicals and supporting cellular health.
  • Smaller Molecules Enhanced absorption and hydration due to smaller water molecule size.

Our products have the ability reduce the following impurities

  • Nitrates Reduces the presence of harmful nitrates in drinking water.
  • Bacteria Eliminates harmful bacteria for safer and cleaner drinking water.
  • Chemicals Removes or reduces harmful chemicals and contaminants for healthier hydration.
  • Chlorine Filters out chlorine, improving taste and odor of water.
  • Bad Taste and Odors Enhances the flavor and scent of water by eliminating unpleasant tastes and odors.
  • Fluoride Reduces fluoride content in water, offering a fluoride-free drinking option.
  • Heavy Metals Filters out heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic for safer consumption.
  • Microplastics Removes tiny plastic particles from water, promoting environmental and health benefits.

Product FAQs

Seeking detailed insights about a particular product from our range? Explore our dedicated FAQ sections tailored to each product on their respective pages.

Still seeking clarity? Reach out to us effortlessly via our live chat feature or submit an inquiry, and our team will be delighted to assist you further.