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pH Test Drop

pH Test Drop

pH reagent for testing pH of clear liquids. Note: The pH drop should not be kept for more than six months once it has been opened. Beyond...

pH reagent for testing pH of clear liquids.



Note: The pH drop should not be kept for more than six months once it has been opened. Beyond this period, there is a risk of the acid or base deteriorating and losing its efficacy. This degradation can occur due to extended storage or exposure to air and moisture. Color charts are now displayed on the bottle for reference.

How to Test Your pH Level ?

You should test the pH of water in your home if you have a reason to believe it is too acidic or alkaline. pH isn’t regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but the EPA does recommend that city water supplies are delivered at a pH of between 6.5 and 8.5. It’s unlikely that your water will be too acidic or alkaline if it has come from a city source. However, if you get your water from a private well, your pH level might be higher or lower than recommended. pH isn’t regulated by the Refer to our pH drops and do the following to test your water pH: pore water in a glass and add 3 drops, let it sit for 5 seconds and use the pH color indicator to determine the pH of your water.

Why is water acidic?

Acidic water has a pH of 6.5 or less and can be caused by natural phenomena, as well as industrial pollution. There are many causes of low pH water, including natural causes like acidic rain. Soil microbes, tree roots, and some rock formations can also generate acids that cause nearby water to become acidic. Oftentimes, acidic water is due to industrial pollution, with low pH water often being found near mining sites, chemical dumps, power plants, confined animal feeding operations, and landfills

Whats an unhealthy pH level for consumption?

An unhealthy pH level for consumption can be considered when the water is acidic with a pH below 6.5. Acidic water may have a sour taste and could indicate the presence of contaminants. It is generally advised to avoid drinking water with excessively low pH levels as it may lead to a metallic taste, corrosion of plumbing, and potential disruption of the body's overall pH balance.

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Been testing my water with the pH test drops every now and again and loving it..The readings I get are great and lets me know which level of alkaline Im at..

Judith Robinson
quite impressed

I had been using the filter for 9 weeks and did the trial on the water and the reading was only one shade down from the top so I shall use it for another month and try again. Prior to getting the test I had no idea when the filters were wearing out. Very happy.