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Bio-mineral Housing with Media

Bio-mineral Housing with Media

Specially formulated to increase minerals in rainwater, deficient tap water, and RO water. Its packed with approximately 95 natural minerals and trace elements. Specially formulated...

Specially formulated to increase minerals in rainwater, deficient tap water, and RO water. Its packed with approximately 95 natural minerals and trace elements. Specially formulated for rainwater, soft water, and Reverse Osmosis systems.

  • The scientific appraisal of which contains 62 elements (one constant element 14, 33 trace elements, and about 15 REE (rare earth elements/minerals))
    Its contents meet medical and health standards. Maifanshi in drinking water satisfies the human needs for a variety of minerals, and trace elements. The long-term consumption of such enhanced water supports the absorption of such minerals and nutrients, assist to eliminate toxic substances, and improves metabolism.
  • Supports mineral absorption, elimination of toxins, and improved metabolism.
  • Recommended for remineralizing water stripped of minerals. Generally, remineralising is required when water is stripped of minerals such as rain water, reverse osmosis and distilled water. It is also advised to remineralise very soft water. FYI: Rain water in plastic tanks is 5.9pH acidic, without minerals

Installation: If this is the first time installing this you will require a Slimline housing 10" - Please add this to your cart if you don't already have one 

This Cartridge contains clay balls and Maifenite (Wisdom stone) renowned for its health benefits in China, Japan and other parts of Asia and known as the Health Stone. Maifenite is a compound mineral with a wide range of minerals and trace elements. It is produced in the valley streams of porphyritic pea gravel, called Maifanshi in Ancient China. Maifanite is weathered granite, diorite comprised of plagioclase, black mica, quartz, hornblende, chlorite and more. Its packed with minerals. Japanese call it "longevity stone" while Koreans called it "medicine stone." Chinese have used it for many centuries to maintain good health. In China it is called ‘wisdom stone’. It has been used to mineralise drinking water, and also for bathing. Maifanite contains a wide range of minerals. Its chemical composition shows that it also contains rare earth elements. Maifenite or Maifanshi is non-toxic, harmless and has a certain biological activity of compound mineral or medicinal rocks.  Its main chemical components are inorganic aluminosilicate. These include Sl2O3, Fe2O3, FeO, MgO, CaO, k2O, Na2O, TiO2, p2O5, MnO, etc., but also contains all the necessary constant elements which are  needed by humans and animals, such as: K, Na, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mo and many other trace elements.

For your information:

  • Rainwater: Generally lacks minerals and is acidic unless stored in a concrete tank. Rainwater as a regular drinking source leaches the body of minerals. As a result, drinking rainwater long term without remineralization is not recommended.
  • Plastic tank: Rainwater stored in plastic tanks remains acidic and lacks minerals.
  • Concrete tank: In a lot of cases the concrete walls of the tank offer the rainwater alkalizing minerals, lifting the ph into alkaline, and providing Ca and Mg minerals for the ionization. A remineraliser would not be needed for most of the time, however the range of minerals is very limited to a few minerals: Calcium and Magnesium. It is recommended to install a remineralizer also for a concrete tank
  • Reverse Osmosis water: is stripped of contaminants, which is a good thing, however it is also stripped of minerals, which is an unfortunate outcome. Further the reverse osmosis water is acidic at a pH of approx 5.9. To ionise reverse osmosis water, we need to remineralize it first. 

Ionization and minerals:

  • Introduction of minerals is necessary for ionization to work effectively. It is particularly relevant for being able to create higher pH 9.5 - 10. In that process ionisation is also offering a better presence of antioxidants.
  • Enables higher pH levels and increased presence of antioxidants.


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