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The Impact of Chlorinated Water on Your Health

When I saw this demo the first time, I was stunned ..

It explains a lot about what happens when we shower in chlorinated water ...

I used to believe that as long as I drank filtered water, I had my health concerns covered. It never crossed my mind that the chlorine present in my shower and bath water could pose similar, if not more significant, health risks.

Our skin is our body's largest organ, with the remarkable ability to both absorb nutrients and toxins. The video above demonstrates that chlorine can penetrate the skin rapidly, prompting us to consider the potential long-term health consequences of bathing and showering in chlorinated water.

So, how does absorbing chlorine impact our health, and what are the potential long-term health issues?

1) Heart and Circulatory Problems Dr. Joseph Price's research involved a compelling experiment to uncover the root cause of atherosclerosis, a condition that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. He conducted tests on two groups of chickens, with one group consuming chlorine-contaminated water and the other consuming pure water. The results were striking: chickens exposed to contaminated water exhibited various levels of heart and circulatory diseases, particularly during winter when they displayed symptoms of poor health such as reduced circulation, decreased activity, and shivering. In contrast, the chlorine-free group grew faster and exhibited robust health.

The reasons behind these effects are twofold. Chlorine generates substantial free radicals that contribute to inflammation, particularly in blood vessels, resulting in the formation of plaque. Additionally, chlorine ions in blood vessels, with their -2 charge, attract and bond with +2 charged calcium ions circulating in the blood, exacerbating plaque buildup and blockages.

2) Chlorine Kills Beneficial Gut Flora Chlorine's effectiveness in killing bacteria is both its strength and weakness. While it can eliminate pathogenic bacteria in water, it also disrupts the beneficial gut bacteria and their cooperative culture, which plays a vital role in supporting our immune system.

3) Chlorine Contributes to an Increased Risk of Cancer Chlorine, when combined with trace amounts of organic compounds often found in water, generates harmful by-products known as Trihalomethanes (THMs). These by-products produce free radicals within the body, leading to cell damage and a heightened risk of cancer development, even in small quantities. Continuous exposure to chlorinated water through showering, bathing, and drinking can have an accumulative effect over the years, making the body increasingly susceptible to inflammation and cancer growth.

Numerous studies have echoed these concerns:

  • The Environmental Defense Fund notes that "low levels of these carcinogens (THMs) are believed to be responsible for the majority of human cancers in the United States."
  • Dr. Robert Carlson of the University of Minnesota and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency identifies chlorine as a significant contributor to modern health issues, akin to air pollution.
  • Research in Connecticut found higher levels of organo-chlorines (chlorination byproducts) in breast tissue among women with breast cancer compared to those without the disease.

To address the issue of chlorine in tap water, high-quality carbon water filters can effectively remove it. Installing either a shower filter or, even more comprehensively, a whole-house filter ensures that all taps in your home deliver purified water. This not only enhances your bathing and showering experience but also proves beneficial for individuals with skin allergies.

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In conclusion, it's essential to be aware of the potential health impacts of chlorine in our water supply and take steps to minimize exposure. Remember that the information provided here is for educational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance on managing your health.
The information is aimed to raise awareness about potential preventative measures in your lifestyle. You should not use any information contained in this article to self-diagnose or personally treat any medical condition or disease or prescribe any medication.
If you have or suspect you have a medical condition, contact your personal health care professional.
The information in this article may not be supported by conventional medicine or by New Zealand Health Authorities. It is however well documented by research and supported by many doctors and health care professionals worldwide.


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