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What is Kangen water - Where does the name originate from ?

What does Kangen or 'Kangen Water' really mean?

So where did the word “Kangen” come from? Some say that “Kangen” is a Japanese word that translates as “return to origin.” But according to Japan encyclopedia it more accurately means a “New Era.” Kangen refers to an era in Japanese history, an era in the reign of an emperor. A period that spanned the years from February 1243 to February 1247. The Kangen or “new era” name was created to mark an event or a number of events. One previous era ended and a new one commences. It was also a ruling decree that emperors made.

When the Japanese Department of Health and Welfare made the above announcement about alkaline water, a “New Era” of health and wellness came to be because of the amazing health benefits of alkaline water. All alkaline water represent this new era, not just Enagic’s who trademarked Kangen Water ®.

The Enagic’s Kangen Water ® Ionizers make the same type of alkaline and acidic water as other Water Ionizers from Ionza, Alkaviva, TyentUSA, WaterforLifeUSA, or any other companies.

Furthermore, the ionizing chamber in the Enagic machines is the same technology all other Water Ionizers use to split water into acidic and alkaline streams. The other ionizers more often than not are of a higher quality and much more affordable than Enagic’s version of Kangen Water®.

Enagic representative’s web site says, “technically, in order to be classified as Kangen Water®, it needs to show a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) in the range of -200mV to -450mV. Most Alkaline Water Ionizers on the market can achieve this ORP potential and all Ionza water ionizers can exceed this with ease!

The conclusion is - most Water Ionisers on the market produce Kangen water .. and they pretty much all would offer good levels of Kangen water which is health promoting water .. alkaline, elektron-rich, structured water with molecular hydrogen content. 

The decision which ioniser somebody wants to buy then is more in the smaller detail of things .. which model suits my needs better, which one looks better to me, which company has a nice sales and service approach or simply which model is the best price for quality.

On your health !

Source: Health-alkaline.com and Ionza editing


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