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Detox and Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water:

Alkaline Ionized water is extremely effective in assisting the body to detoxify itself. A combination of high alkalinity, antioxidants, small water molecule clusters, and electrically charged ionic minerals are responsible for this effect. This all sounds well and good and in fact is extremely good for us in the long run, however the process of detoxification and the resulting discomfort in the body can take us by surprise. We recommend drinking PH 8.5 to start the process, so that the body receives only enough opportunity to unload stored acidity so that the resulting symptoms are not too uncomfortable. This said, for some folk even PH8.5 produces excessive discomfort and in cases like this we encourage people to dilute the alkaline water with purified water. This moderates the detoxification process and allows for being able to keep functioning in everyday life.

Of course we can decide to consciously dedicate time to this detoxification process. In this case, like choosing to fast, the focus is towards detoxifying rather than being able to keep up our everyday routine. Whatever choices one makes, the same principles apply to the body. When the body is offered the necessary conditions to eliminate acidity rather than store it in fatty tissue it passes out of the body in one of four ways. Simply put these are:


It is important to appreciate that one may experience major aches and pains, headaches, oedema, feeling really grotty; while it is tempting to go to bed, the best help that you can offer the body is to give it plenty of opportunity to eliminate.
The discomfort that we can experience is as a result of the acidity being released out of the bodies tissue faster than the elimination systems are able to deal with it.

In this regard exercise is really helpful. We get to sweat and breath at the same time. If the body is really painful it can be good to get into a swimming pool and aqua jog or simply walk through the water.
Saunas are another effective way to support the elimination process, as are drinking lots of water and eating fresh green vegetables.

It shouldn’t be surprising, but sometimes it is, that when we clean up the cellular body we actually feel better, equipped to meet the challenges of our lives and supported to stay happy and healthy.

We are available to support you in this process to the best of our ability and we also have the contacts of a few people for whom assisting others in this detoxification process is a part of their professional work


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