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Ionized Alkaline Water: Enhancing Hydration and Vitality

Ionized water is created through an electrolytic process, which splits source water into two components: alkaline reducing water and acidic oxidized water. Alkaline reducing water, formed at the cathode (negative electrode), is particularly valuable due to its richness in active hydrogen, functioning as a reducer or antioxidant.

This reducing property is beneficial for the body because it interacts with free radicals in cells, neutralizing their aggressive oxygen form. As a result, stable oxygen is generated, flowing into the bloodstream and cellular fluids, ultimately boosting energy levels. While ionized water doesn't directly provide oxygen, it facilitates its availability to the body through a chain reaction with free radicals.

Alkaline reduced water possesses several key qualities:

  1. Hexagonal shape with excellent reducing capacity.
  2. Swift absorption into the human body, rich in active hydrogen and hydroxyl ions (antioxidants).
  3. Smaller water molecule clusters for more efficient hydration.
  4. High alkalinity, assisting in maintaining optimal alkaline balance in body cells and organs.

The pH scale measures the acidity and alkalinity of substances. Water with a high pH contains abundant active hydrogen, which aids in detoxification. On the other hand, ORP (oxygen reduction potential) gauges water's ability to reduce or oxidize toxins, including free radicals. A negative ORP indicates water's capacity to reduce toxins and act as an antioxidant, often associated with high-pH water.

Drinking high pH, negatively charged ORP water promotes detoxification, optimal hydration, and oxygenation of the body. This translates to improved digestion, metabolism, reduced stress, and increased energy levels. By supporting the body's alkalinity and hydration, we lay the foundation for better overall health and well-being, contributing to preventative health care.


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