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Natural Electrolyzed Water made with Science

Dr Kim Young Kwi, Korea

Chapter Two of 'The Secret of Life-Giving Water'

Once ordinary water is electrolyzed, alkaline water is formed on the side of the negatively charged electrode, whereas on the side of the positively charged electrode acidic water is formed. This process is referred to as electrolysis, or generating electrolyzed purified water. Through this process, ordinary water becomes infused with activated hydrogen and obtains the ability to deoxidize. In other words, ordinary water becomes beneficial healthy water, or "Natural Water made with Modern Science."

In France, Lourdes spring water has been called the miraculous healing water. The spring water from Lourdes is known to cure diseases not currently curable by the western medical science, such as cancer, diabetes, atopic dermatitis and many other chronic illnesses. Due to the countless numbers of cases of patients being cured of their otherwise incurable chronic illnesses, the Lourdes spring water is now world famous and renowned. On annual basis, over 6 million visitors visit Lourdes spring water site, even covered several times by KBS-TV's "Sang Ro Byung Sa's[1] Secret." Many interested scientists and specialists analyzed the Lourdes spring water to see whether it contained any special minerals or any other substance, their conclusion had been that there was nothing special about the Lourdes spring water.

During the second series broadcast covering the Lourdes spring water on KBS-TV's "Sang Ro Byung Sa's Secret," it was disclosed that there was no scientific mechanism which explained the miraculous nature of the water. Doctor Sira Hata Nakasone from Japan, targeted his research and analysis of Lourdes spring water into finding elements or characteristics not present in ordinary water, and discovered that it contained unusually high amount of activated hydrogen. Activated hydrogen countered the ill effects of oxidative damages and stresses responsible for chronic illnesses, enabling living cells to recover their health and vitality.

The real secret behind the miraculous effects of the Lourdes spring water turned out to be activated hydrogen.

It was surprising to make this discovery, since electrolyzed water tends to contain more activated hydrogen than the Lourdes spring water. Even though electrolyzed water has been used to treat chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, atopic dermatitis and others, Doctor Sira Hata's inquiry did not turn up any explanation to the healing powers of electrolyzed water containing activated hydrogen.

Several years ago, due to a rumour that vitamin C acted to eliminate damages associated with oxidation, increased demand caused a nationwide shortage of vitamin C, however it soon came to an end when the respected BBRC (Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications) journal reported that although vitamin C did eliminate certain oxidative damages, but unwanted side effects included additional oxidative damages and possible cancer.

Electrolyzed water rich in activated hydrogen, combined with activated oxygen turns into harmless water, causes no adverse or unwanted side effects; therefore it represents a safe and ideal solution.

Natural Restorative Power of Water

There are several ways to restore health and regain vitality, however if such methods and treatments fail to follow the natural law and fit into the natural environment, it may end up causing more harm than good.

Life depends on four essential requirements in harmonious balance: water, air, warm sun light, and salinity. When the four essential elements are present in harmony, life is created, and life can be sustained.

The four essential elements are forever present, and do not rot or burn away from our environment. When they are in balance, health and vitality can be assured. If all elements are present except for continued supply of good clean water, it is all but impossible to maintain health or vitality.

Even if other essential elements are lacking somehow, continued supply of good clean water will ensure that the body gets rid of waste materials and toxins accumulated within the body. Therefore the inner body environment will become clean and circulation of good clean water will keep the living cells within exposed to plenty of oxygen and nutrients.

There are countless varieties and types of water known to mankind. Eui-Sung Huh Joon, ancient medicine specialist during the Cho Sun Dynasty, divided water into 33 categories such as mineral water, magnetic water, brine, spring water, medicinal water, thermal spring water, and others. What is important here is not the type or category of water, but whether there are benefits and how effective they are. Despite small differences in types or categories of water, there are not many differences between them, especially when taking into account that comparison between those whom drink such water from those that do not fail to show any dramatic difference in benefits or effectiveness.

Oxidation affects even the seemingly powerful and invulnerable steel which rusts and crumbles to powder over time, similarly oxidation causes human beings to age and to become infirm. Oxidation is a natural chemical reaction which can be described as loss or removal of an electron by a molecule. Active oxygen is the key suspect in the process of oxidation, responsible for causing all chronic and degenerative illnesses; therefore it is the true enemy and monster lurking in our midst.

Active oxygen is subservient to oxygen, and highly acidic, making it a toxic substance. All life forms including human being are continuously battling against active oxygen in a sea of oxygen, and the key to longevity and continued health is in winning against such a formidable foe.

It is worth repeating that oxidation is responsible for seemingly powerful steel to rust and crumble, and the same process causes the living cells to become debilitated and age as a part of the natural process.

Small Clustered Water

Until now we emphasized the difference between good and bad water by looking at the general make-up of water, however it is far more important to deeply inquire and put to strict scientific scrutiny what kind of molecular structure, what kind of energy, what kind of efficacy, and what kind of capability define good water.

In chemistry, a cluster is an array, unlike that of grapes, of bound atoms. In water, or H2O, a water cluster is not singular but is made of several molecules such as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

The size of the cluster determines the molecular size of a given substance; thus, a smaller cluster size results in smaller sized water molecules, and similarly, larger the size of the cluster, larger the size of water molecules. Large animals such as elephants or giraffes cannot move as fast or hope to match small and quick footed animals like hamsters or mice as they nimbly dart in and out of small spaces. Smaller clustered water means the smaller size of the molecules of water can nimbly move about in smaller spaces.

Therefore, smaller molecule water can be absorbed at a faster rate, and able to penetrate the walls of living cells with ease.

Conversely, when you drink larger clustered water, due to the slow rate of absorption, you will feel the water sloshing about in your belly, causing discomfort. There's an old saying, "Even if a drunk can't carry liquor down the block, he will gladly drink it first before walking a mile." Electrolyzed water can be viewed in a similar vein, even if you can not carry the container of water, you will have no problem drinking and absorbing it.

Ordinary water usually passes through the stomach before being absorbed by the small intestines, electrolyzed water does not slosh around inside and causes discomfort as it is absorbed directly thorough the stomach. There are only three things which are absorbed directly through the stomach: alcohol, sugar and electrolyzed water.

Aside from the problem of alcoholism, due to the fact that alcohol is absorbed directly through the stomach means one gets drunk faster, and as soon as one becomes sober or gets detoxified, more alcohol can be readily consumed without further problem. A diabetic patient collapsing from low blood sugar level can be readily revived with a piece of candy due to the fact that sugar is absorbed directly through the stomach. The smaller molecular nature of electrolyzed water lends itself to be fast absorbed through the stomach, therefore electrolyzed water is easy to consume and is easily discharged by the body without causing discomfort.

The cluster theory was put forward by a researcher from the consumer electronics giant Matsushita Corporation in December 1988, in a newspaper article in Asahi shimbun titled, "Microscopic Eye" describing the research of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) which succeed in high resolution measuring of molecular formation of water.

The size of cluster is expressed in Hz. Smaller cluster size renders the molecules to be more active, therefore smaller Hz number; conversely larger cluster size renders the molecules to less active therefore larger Hz expression number.

The smallest cluster size of water on earth is 54Hz for electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is tastier and is absorbed into the body faster, therefore helps the body to efficiently discharge waste and free radicals caused by oxidation within the body.

Earth's smallest water

Comparison of cluster sizes

Tap Water     111.2H

Spring Water    100Hz

Water from famed longevity villages    70Hz

Electrolyzed alkaline water     54Hz

* Advantages of Smaller Cluster Water

I. Due to the smaller cluster size, it is absorbed into the body at a faster rate.

  • Efficient and faster supply of needed nutrients and oxygen to living cells.
  • Revives the vitality of living cells.
  • Up to 6 to 8 liters (1.59 to 2.11gallons) of daily consumption possible (due to the larger cluster size, ordinary tap water can not be absorbed through intestines, and will cause diarrhoea).
  • 2 to 3 cups will result in urination in about 20 minutes.
  • Drinking 2 to 3 cups will not cause it to slosh around inside.

II. Superior Solvency

  • Superior solvency works to dissolve both nutrients needed to keep the body healthy as well as waste and toxic materials, for supplying the nutrients and discharging the body of waste products more efficiently.

(Example) Even in cold water, green tea will have no problem bursting with full flavour.

The smaller molecule of electrolyzed alkaline electrolyzed water has about 1.8 times the solvency power of ordinary tap water.

III. Due to the smaller cluster size, the molecules of electrolyzed alkaline water is much more active and is fast absorbed through the walls of living cells, thereby revitalizing the living cells. The energy state of water, or ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), is therefore the inverse of the size of the cluster of water.

IV. Smaller cluster water has superior power to penetrate between proteins, and perform cohesive functions.

  • Protects the integrity of living cells by assisting the cellular framework.

(Example) If you boil soybeans in small cluster water, soy beans would not crumble and remain whole.

Bread baked with small cluster water retains higher moisture content.

V. Smaller cluster water's active molecules assist enzymatic breakdown and micro organisms inhabiting human gastrointestinal tracts.

  • Reduces abnormal gastrointestinal breakdowns to produce less foul smelling stool, and reduces amino acids and organic acids present in urine.
  • Produces clear watery urine.

VI. Smaller cluster water's electrolytes (metal ions) easily penetrate and increase electrical and thermal conductivity inside the living body.

  • Helps and acts as catalysts for internal chemical reactions and processes.

(Example) Electrolyzed alkaline water boils in less time than ordinary tap water due to higher thermal conductivity.

VII. Smaller cluster water tastes better because it can easily penetrate taste buds containing the taste receptor cells. (Presently, Japan's Kyo Wa Hospital prescribes the smaller cluster water to treat diabetics and atopic dermatitis sufferers. The public is encouraged to use it at home as non-toxic, non-polluted, sports, and health promoting drink.

  • Increased mineral content in alkaline water

Just as one must build with strong steel and concrete to ensure the building will be longstanding, human bodies require sufficient supply of minerals to fortify and maintain the inner health. Cellular walls usually have somewhere between 0.3 to 1.3 nm (nano meter) porous openings to allow passage of water which measures about 0.3 nm, however vitamin C or beta carotene are 10 to 30 times the size and can not easily pass through cellular walls.

Minerals dissolved completely in water can be more easily absorbed, and electrolyzed minerals are even more efficiently absorbed by the cells.

Electrolyzed water contains about 30% more dissolved minerals than ordinary tap water. When weak electrolysis is applied to ordinary tap water, acidic and alkaline water are separated, during the process minerals which are normally associated with acidic water accumulates within alkaline water, and results in 30% increase of mineral contents.

To acidic water's side, minerals such as phosphor, sulphur and oxygen (-) negative ions are accumulated, on alkaline water's side, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, kalium, natrium, and hydrogen (+) positive ions are accumulated. Whether the ordinary tap water is electrolyzed twice or three times, dissolved minerals line up as natural chemical elements are bound together and divided in uniform manner, however by passing a weak current through white gold titanium electrodes, the negatively charged pole attracts positive ions of calcium, magnesium, natrium, and activated hydrogen like a bachelor chasing after any pretty woman; the positively charged pole attracts negative ions just like a bachelorette chasing after an unattached man, creating acidic oxidation water. While increasing dissolved minerals in the water is important, what is even more significant is the fact that electrolyzed minerals are absorbed at a much better rate at the cellular level.

Electrolyzed water is therefore natural water made through science.

Needless to say, it would be cost prohibitive to import Lourdes spring water from France, to benefit from its activated hydrogen; it would be much more cost effective to install an electrolytic water treatment unit at home to generate clean and better water for drinking, cooking and washing purposes.

This would be the surest and cheapest way to ensure continued supply of better water.

The problem comes down to choosing the right electrolytic water treatment unit as it holds the key to restoring and revitalizing your health. There are many products existing in the market, loudly proclaiming their superiority over each other, however you are advised to carefully consider quality, unit capability, and functionality before making the selection.

[1] Sang Ro Buyng Sa: Buddhist concept of four pains all individuals must endure, that of being born, growing old, suffering from disease, and dying.

Source: KYK publishing, Waterforlife USA copy right, and IONZA editing


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