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What do the ICONS/SYMBOLS mean?

We have incorporated these icons with the intention of making it easier to understanding from a distance, the functions of each system or filter. For more detailed information about the specific filtration capabilities of each filter or cartridge, we invite you to review the descriptions and specifications provided on each product page.

Additionally, please note: If a product is designed to remove impurities from the water, we refer to it as a "filter," whereas if a product is intended to introduce beneficial elements into the water, it is termed a "cartridge." In cases where a product performs both functions, we often designate it as a "cartridge." 

Likewise: The BLUE icons signify the addition of beneficial elements to your drinking water, while the GREY icons indicate the reduction of contaminants within your water supply.

We strongly recommend incorporating some blue icons into your drinking water system to ensure the infusion of these advantageous elements. If you come across a system containing only grey icons, it is either because your water source already possesses these benefits, or the system is intended to complement another system equipped with blue icons.

Your satisfaction and water quality are our utmost priorities.


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