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Alka Jug - Replacement Cartridges - TWIN

Each filter can produce 300 liters of delicious Ionized alkaline water (saves 500 bottles of water).Water from this jug isAlkalineAntioxidantMineralisingPurifiedRefreshingGreat tastingFilter materials: Active carbon, Ion...

Each filter can produce 300 liters of delicious Ionized alkaline water (saves 500 bottles of water).

Water from this jug is

  • Alkaline
  • Antioxidant
  • Mineralising
  • Purified
  • Refreshing
  • Great tasting
  • Filter materials: Active carbon, Ion Exchange resin, negative potential particles
  • ph: 8.5 - 10
  • ORP: -100 TO -200mV (Oxidation reduction potential/Antioxidant capacity)
  • Reduces water molecule cluster size
  • Contains alkalising minerals
  • Soft and great tasting water


Number of people

Drinking only

Drinking and Cooking


20 weeks

10 weeks


10 weeks

6 weeks


7 weeks

5 weeks


5 weeks

4 weeks

How to troubleshoot a blocked cartridge ?

The cartridges are full of raw minerals that may cause the cartridge to clog up. To release the minerals and enjoy alkaline water from your jug, please follow the troubleshooting steps 1) Shake the cartridge - upside down and sideways 2) Knock the cartridge upside down against a firm surface 3) Push an opened-up office clip (needs to be 50mm long to be successful) through the access hole in different directions. 4) Run cold tap water FAST into the top of the cartridge so that the FAST water pressures the water through. Try for a minute or so

What trace minerals are released from the cartridge ?

cartridge release some benefits trace minerals into the purified water, such as Ca, Zn, Fe, Mg, etc.

What is the life span of the cartridge's ?

Alka Jug Cartridges approx 300 litres of water or 1 year hygienic life
1 person 5 months
2 people 2.5 months
4 people approx. 5-6 weeks
For more accurate calculation please refer to our ' guide to determaine when to replace the cartridge ' on the manual.

What are the nutrients added to the Alka Jug and where are they sourced from?

The Alka Jug incorporates various nutrients and trace elements derived from different sources. Specifically, the trace elements and minerals in the Alka Jug are sourced from the Maifanshi stone, the FIR Beads, and the ion exchange resin. These materials are primarily obtained from East Asia.
The minerals present in the Alka Jug, such as Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Silicon, Fierce, Ti, and P, are considered both earth elements and nutrient elements. They contribute to the overall mineral content and potential health benefits associated with using the Alka Jug.

How can I determine the appropriate time to replace the cartridge in the Jug?

The cartridge replacement is based on factors such as usage duration or the volume of water filtered. To determine when to change the cartridge, it is advisable to follow our guidelines, using the guide in the link bellow :

Does the alka jug removes fluoride ?

The Alka Jug is capable of removing approximately 20% of fluoride. However, for the most effective removal of fluoride and considering the nature of the contamination, we recommend using our Fluoride Free system. Please click on links bellow to find your preffered Fluoride Free system

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Raelene Souness
alka jug and filters

great product

Esther Hania
Great product

Will continue buying them!

Kate Peri

We have a white and a blue jug. It would be nice if we could buy a twin pack with a mix of colours.

Simon Thode
Alka Water

Such quality water at such a reasonable price.

Helen Loveday

This was a present for a friend.