Active Pure Xtra 3 Yr - High Performance - Prefilter

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Filter Attachment kit

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Filter Attachment kit

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Single Source Tap Kit

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The Active Pure XTRA is an amazing high-performance filter that can provide excellent quality drinking water. It is FDA approved and can effectively remove chlorine, aluminium, and heavy metal contamination. This filter is a Pentex product from the USA and contains two separate purification media, which makes it highly efficient. The first stage of the filter uses a versatile KDF oxidation/reduction media that can remove trace metals such as aluminium and lead, as well as chlorine, thereby prolonging the life of the second granular carbon stage. The filter is also very effective in removing organics, chemicals, tastes, and odours, resulting in greatly improved taste and quality of drinking water

Installation: If you are purchasing this filter for the first time, you may require a FILTER INSTALLATION KIT. You can conveniently locate the Filter Install kit in the product options section, ensuring a hassle-free installation process