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The ALKA CITY TOTAL water system provides an exceptional method for filtering and transforming tap water. This system offers effective purification for various contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals, micro-plastics, and even arsenic. Additionally, it not only filters the water but also produces alkaline ionized mineral water.

Users of the Alka City TOTAL water system have reported that the water tastes refreshing, resembling the purity of mountain spring water. It is described as fresh, alive, and delicious. This system not only provides great-tasting water but also supports the health and well-being of the body on a daily basis. It encourages individuals to consume more water, promoting hydration.

The Alka City TOTAL water system combines excellent filtration capabilities, ensuring fluoride-free water. It also incorporates the health-promoting properties of the Alka Spring system. This system allows you to add on the tap of your preference and we would recommend the Dual Source Tap. On one side, it offers filtered water, while on the other side, it provides filtered and alkaline water. This convenient feature allows users to choose their preferred type of water depending on their needs.

Overall, the Alka City TOTAL water system offers an outstanding solution for filtering and transforming tap water, providing effective purification, alkaline ionized mineral water, great taste, and the health benefits of the Alka Spring system. With its dual source tap, it provides flexibility in water selection, making it a desirable option for those seeking high-quality water for their daily consumption.



Below you will find specific information on each of the included filters and cartridge 

Alka Spring Cartridge

The ALKA SPRING is an incredible antioxidant composite cartridge that will revolutionize your water experience:

  • It harnesses the power of Far-Infra-Red (FIR) Energy Beads and Mineral balls to ionize and enhance your tap water.
  • Improving energy levels; Prepare to be amazed as it introduces antioxidants with a negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) into your tap water, promoting health and vitality.
  • Get ready for a pH boost! The ALKA SPRING raises the pH of your tap water to approximately pH 8.5-9.5, creating a refreshing and alkaline drinking experience.
  • Say goodbye to ordinary water molecules. This filter transforms tap water into smaller clustered molecules, enhancing hydration and absorption by your body.
  • Restoring alkaline buffers, eliminating body acidity and reducing free radicals
  • Increasing antioxidants
  • Increasing oxygen-uptake

Lets dive into the remarkable features of the Alka Spring

  1. Far-Infra-Red Energy Beads: These beads are made from natural infrared raw materials with maifanshi stone and seabed minerals that contain useful trace elements. Using advanced ceramic technology, In the Far-Infra-Red process, the organisms absorb frequencies of 8-14um, which has 90%+ infrared emissivity. The released infrared energy can be easily absorbed, producing smaller water molecule clusters.

  2. Negative Ion Minerals: The ALKA SPRING is a powerhouse of negative ions. By infusing ionic minerals into the source water, it adds negatively charged ions, further enhancing the water's beneficial properties.

  3. Essential Minerals and Trace Elements: Prepare to be nourished! The ALKA SPRING enriches your water with a variety of essential minerals and trace elements. Up to 90 rare trace minerals including Strontium, lithium, silicon, zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium, work together to support the healthy functioning of your body.

Experience the excitement of ALKA SPRING as it transforms your tap water into a revitalizing elixir packed with antioxidants, alkalinity, and essential minerals.

  • Capacity: 3000 liters, depending on usage and water source: 10-15 months for a 2-3 person household.
  • Hygienic Life: Maximum 2 years.
  • Dimensions: H: 35cm x 7cm diameter.
  • Installation: The Alka Spring cartridge is placed after an existing filter and before the filter tap.
  • Working Pressure: 15 - 65 PSI (Please note: a pressure reducing valve is required for water pressures higher than 70 PSI).
  • Working Temperature: 5-40˚C


This Cartridge contains clay balls and Maifenite (Wisdom stone) renowned for its health benefits in China, Japan and other parts of Asia and known as the Health Stone. Maifenite is a compound mineral with a wide range of minerals and trace elements. It is produced in the valley streams of porphyritic pea gravel, called Maifanshi in Ancient China. Maifanite is weathered granite, diorite comprised of plagioclase, black mica, quartz, hornblende, chlorite and more. Its packed with minerals. Japanese call it "longevity stone" while Koreans called it "medicine stone." Chinese have used it for many centuries to maintain good health. In China it is called ‘wisdom stone’. It has been used to mineralise drinking water, and also for bathing. Maifanite contains a wide range of minerals. Its chemical composition shows that it also contains rare earth elements. Maifenite or Maifanshi is non-toxic, harmless and has a certain biological activity of compound mineral or medicinal rocks.  Its main chemical components are inorganic aluminosilicate. These include Sl2O3, Fe2O3, FeO, MgO, CaO, k2O, Na2O, TiO2, p2O5, MnO, etc., but also contains all the necessary constant elements which are  needed by humans and animals, such as: K, Na, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mo and many other trace elements.

FluorEx Filter

This incredible technology offers the most effective removal of fluoride, providing non-detectable levels right at the beginning of the filter's life. With a capacity of 2000 liters, this filter is designed to provide long-lasting performance.

What makes the FluorEX Max truly remarkable is its all-natural, alumina-free composition. Unlike many other cartridges on the market, it leaves healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water, (not like Reverse Osmosis Systems) creating a more balanced and enjoyable drinking experience. And the best part? It doesn't waste any water, unlike reverse osmosis systems.

In independent tests conducted by Ionza, the FluorEX Max was proven to remove fluoride with exceptional efficiency. Samples taken from Auckland City showed fluoride content of less than 0.05g/m3, making it virtually undetectable. We have tested many cartridges. Most of them had in common that they claim to remove 'up to 99% fluoride' and as Hill Laboratories, Hamilton NZ proved with samples taken by us, they did not! Most of them just took out 40-50% of fluoride, one achieved 78% but the water tasted bitter. Most of those contain alumina as media which is fraud with issues about aluminium leaching into the water. Additionally, this remarkable filter also removes heavy metals and arsenic, ensuring that your water is clean and safe. 

With a removal rate of 99% at the beginning of cartridge usage and approximately 90-95% after 2000 liters (*depending on water source and prefilter setup), the FluorEX Max delivers consistent and reliable performance. It has a capacity of 2000 liters or approximately 6-12 months, depending on water usage.

We highly recommend our Active Pure filter is installed upstream of the FluorEx filter to to remove heavy metals, so it protects the capacity of the FluorEX Max filter to focus on fluoride predominantly.

Capacity: 2000 litres, or 6-12months. This means approx 12 months for 1-2 person household, or 6 months for 4 person household (*depending on volume of water used).

Monitoring of usage: We recommend to install a water flow meter to monitor usage.

Water Flow rate: The FluorEX-Max filter is most effective to run at approx 1.5 liter/min. The flow rate can be set up by the installer or by yourself: If your water flow is greater than 2 litres/min (if it takes you approx 5 seconds or less to fill your cup with filtered water) your water flow is travelling too quickly.

Installation: If this is the first time installing this you will require a Slimline housing 10" - Please add this to your cart if you don't already have one 

  • Capacity: 2000 litres
  • Flow Rate: 1.5liters/min
  • Removal rate of 99% at the beginning of cartridge usage and approximately 90-95% after 2000 liters (*depending on water source and prefilter setup),

Test result Fluoride sample 1 = FluorEX-Max filter:.


The tap water in Auckland City contains approximately 0.78g/m3 of fluoride content. However, after undergoing the FluorEX Max filtration process, the fluoride content in the water was significantly reduced to less than 0.05g/m3. This reduction in fluoride content resulted in the water being classified as non-detectable for fluoride

Ultra Filter

The Ultra Filter stands out as a unique filtration solution with its exceptional capacity to effectively remove challenging microorganisms and contaminants. 

The Ultra Filter can be easily incorporated into existing Water Filters, Fountains, or Water Ionizers as a Pre-Filter, enhancing their filtration capabilities, it is recommended for the Ultra to have a pre-filter in order to not clog up too fast. (Pre-filter: approx. 5-20µ (micron) mesh size).

When it comes to eliminating harmful bacteria, including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and more, the Ultra Filter's 0.01µ Micron filter media is specifically designed for this purpose. It ensures the removal of various waterborne microorganisms and contaminants commonly found in tank water systems, which may include concentrations of E. coli, bacteria, and others.

Furthermore, the Ultra Filter proves to be an excellent choice for addressing the issue of Microplastics and Nanoplastics. With its 0.01µm filter mesh media, it effectively filters out these particles. Given the growing awareness of micro and nano-plastics present in water sources, including town supply, tank or rainwater, the Ultra Filter's capability to remove them is crucial. Ongoing research explores the potential long-term health consequences associated with these contaminants.

Whether you rely on city tap water, tank water, bore water, aquifers, reservoirs, creeks, or springs, the Ultra Filter remains relevant and valuable for ensuring cleaner and safer water supplies.

For more information on the challenges posed by tank water and the options available to make it safe for drinking, please visit

To learn about the presence of microplastics raining down from the sky and their implications, please refer to

Experience the power of the Ultra Filter in safeguarding your water from microorganisms, contaminants, and microplastics, providing you with cleaner and healthier drinking water.  Backflush facility: The Ultra has a 3rd port which is the provision as a backflush facility. It pays to backflush the filter approx. every 1-3 months depending on water source quality. With most water qualities the back-flushing option is an important part for extending the filter life.

If this is the first time installing this you may require a FILTER ATTACHEMENT KIT

  • Filter Lifespan: 18 months usage (dependent on backflush being exercised every 6 months and a sediment pre-filter installed) 
  • Working Pressure: 15 - 50 PSI (Please note:  a pressure reducing valve is required for higher water pressures. See 'Accessories' for pressure reducing valve)


Backflush facility: The Ultra has a 3rd port which is the provision as a backflush facility. It pays to backflush the filter approx. every 1-3 months depending on water source quality. With most water qualities the back-flushing option is an important part for extending the filter life.

The Ultra filter has a water flow direction identified with an arrow

Active Pure Xtra Filter

The Active Pure XTRA is a high-performance filter that can provide excellent quality drinking water. It is FDA approved and can effectively remove chlorine, aluminium, and heavy metal contamination. This filter is a Pentex product from the USA and contains two separate purification media, which makes it highly efficient. The first stage of the filter uses a versatile KDF oxidation/reduction media that can remove trace metals such as aluminium and lead, as well as chlorine, thereby prolonging the life of the second granular carbon stage. The filter is also very effective in removing organics, chemicals, tastes, and odours, resulting in greatly improved taste and quality of drinking water

Installation: If you are purchasing this filter for the first time, you may require a FILTER INSTALLATION KIT. You can conveniently locate the Filter Install kit in the product options section, ensuring a hassle-free installation process


  • Granular activated carbon (GAC) filter cartridge with KDF
  • Contains 1 pound of KDF, which is listed by the US National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as a drinking water component
  • KDF is bacteriostatic, which means that bacteria growth within the media bed is inhibited


  • Mesh size: 5 µ micron
  • Capacity: 47,000 Litres or 30-48 months (depending on source water)
  • Lasts 3 times longer than ordinary filters
  • Hygienic Life: 3-4 years, depending on source water


  • pH range: 5-9
  • Pressure rating: 60 PSI
  • Flow rate: up to 4 Litres/ minute.
  • FDA Approved
  • Pentex product USA


1.- Chemicals with very high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:
2,4-D Deisopropyltatrazine Linuron
Alachlor Desethylatrazine Malathion
Aldrin Demeton-O MCPA
Anthracene Di-n-butylphthalate Mecoprop
Azinphos-ethyl 1,3-Dichlorobenzene 2-Methyl benzenamine
Bentazone 1,4-Dichlorobenzene Methyl naphthalene
Biphenil 2,4-Dichlorocresol 2-Methylbutane
2,2-Bipyridine 2,5-Dichlorophenol Monuron
Bis(2-Ethylhexyl)Phthalate 3,6-Dichlorophenol Napthalene
Bromacil 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Nitrobenzene
Bromodichloromethane Dieldrin m-Nitrophenol
p-Bromophenol Diethylphthalate o-Nitrophenol
Butylbenzene 2,4-Dinitrocresol p-Nitrophenol
Calcium Hypochloryte 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Ozone
Carbofuran 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Parathion
Chlorine Diuron Pentachlorophenol
Chlorine dioxide Endosulfan Propazine
Chlorobenzene Endrin Simazine
4-Chloro-2-nitrotoluene Ethylbenzene Terbutryn
2-Chlorophenol Hezachlorobenzene Tetrachloroethylene
Chlorotoluene Hezachlorobutadiene Triclopyr
Chrysene Hexane 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene
m-Cresol Isodrin m-Xylene
Cyanazine Isooctane o-Xylene
Cyclohexane Isoproturon p-Xylene
DDT Lindane 2,4-Xylenol
2.- Chemicals with high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:
Aniline Dibromo-3-chloropropane 1-Pentanol
Benzene Dibromochloromethane Phenol
Benzyl alcohol 1,1-Dichloroethylene Phenylalanine
Benzoic acid cis-1,2- Dichloroethylene o-Phthalic acid
Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether trans-1,2- Dichloroethylene Styrene
Bromodichloromethane 1,2-Dichloropropane 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane
Bromoform Ethylene Toluene
Carbon tetrachloride Hydroquinone 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
1-Chloropropane Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Trichloroethylene
Chlorotoluron 4-Methylbenzenamine Vinyl acetate
3.- Chemicals with moderate probability of being adsorbed by active carbon*:
Acetic acid Dimethoate Methionine
Acrylamide Ethyl acetate Methyl-tert-butyl ether
Chloroethane Ethyl ether Methyl ethyl ketone
Chloroform Freon 11 Pyridine
1,1-Dichloroethane Freon 113 1,1,2-Trichloroethane
1,2-Dichloroethane Freon 12 Vinyl chloride
1,3-Dichloropropene Glyphosate  
Dikegulac Imazypur  
*(For this chemicals active carbon is only effective in certain cases).    
4.- Chemicals for which adsorption with active carbon is unlikely to be effective. However it may be viable in certain cases such as for low flow or concentrations:
Acetone Methylene chloride 1,4-Dioxane
Acetonitrile 1-Propanol Isopropyl alcohol
Acrylonitrile Propionitrile Methyl chloride
Dimethylformaldehyde Propylene Tetrahydrofuran

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Sediment Filter

The Sediment Filter is an essential component used as a pre-filter for both Rural and City water supplies, serving to protect the Ultra filter or other filters from clogging up. It effectively removes rust, dirt, scale, sediment, and sand, thanks to its high dirt holding capacity. The filter mesh media consists of 5µ micron Polypropylene microfiber, which ensures efficient filtration.

With a working pressure range of 15 to 60 PSI, the Sediment Filter is designed to accommodate various water supply systems. The product has undergone research and development in the United States and China, highlighting its commitment to quality and innovation.

The longevity of the Sediment Filter depends on the amount of dirt and sediment entering the filter. Once you notice a noticeable blockage in flow, it is an indication that the cartridge needs replacement. Generally, it is recommended to replace the cartridge after a maximum of 18 months of usage to maintain optimal filtration performance.

By incorporating the Sediment Filter into your water filtration system, you can ensure the removal of unwanted impurities, promoting cleaner and healthier water for your household.

  • Filter Lifespan: 10-18 months
  • Mesh Size: 5µ micron
  • Working Pressure: 15 to 60 PSI