Alka Flow -Alkaline Benchtop Water Filter System & Alkaliser

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Alka Flow - Revolutionary Alkaline Benchtop Water Filter System & Alkalizer

Experience the wonders of the Alka Flow, a Wellness Fountain brought to you by the same supplier as the popular Alka Jug. Get ready to enjoy large quantities of purified alkaline water within minutes, reminiscent of a refreshing mountain spring.

Perfect for rental situations, holiday homes, or your office, the Alka Flow is designed for easy installation and use. It transforms your water into purified and safe drinking water, free from bacteria, viruses, and E.coli. The result is a soft, light-tasting water that feels invigorating and rejuvenating.

The Alka Flow goes above and beyond, boasting a fast flow rate and impressive water processing capacity. In fact, it can filter up to 10 litres of water in just about 5 minutes. Its filtration capabilities are truly exceptional.

Let's explore the features of the Alka Flow:

  1. Filters: With its 3 filters, the Alka Flow provides superior purification for city water, effectively removing chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, agri-chemicals, micro-plastics, and even some fluoride.

  2. Ultra Filter: This filter is specifically designed for rainwater, tank water, bore water, or creek water. It effectively eliminates bacteria, cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, and E.coli, ensuring that rural water supplies are safe to drink (assuming the source water is clear and not contaminated).

  3. Alka Flow Cartridge: This cartridge alkalizes the water, elevating the pH level to approximately 9.5-10, depending on the incoming water pH. For rainwater, it addresses the pH issue by raising it from an acidic level of 5.9 to approximately pH 9.

  4. ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential): The Alka Flow offers an impressive antioxidant potential, with an ORP range of -200 to -300mV.

  5. Limescale and Water Softener: The Alka Flow helps remove limescale and softens the water, resulting in a delightful smooth taste.

  6. Sediment Pre-filter: This feature takes care of small particles and sediments, ensuring your water is free from any unwanted impurities.

  7. Fantastic Flow Rate: Enjoy Wellness/Energy water at a remarkable rate of up to 2.5 litres per minute. The Alka Flow produces alkaline ionized filtered water quickly and efficiently.

  8. Beautiful Yin-Yang design!

Upgrade your drinking water experience with the Alka Flow and indulge in the benefits of fast, refreshing, and alkaline ionized water. Rediscover the joy of staying hydrated and nourished with this exceptional water filter system