Alka Fluoride-Free - Mineral Ioniser & Filter system

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The Alka Fluoride Free water system provides an excellent method for transforming tap water. This system not only offers alkaline ionized mineral water but also ensures effective purification for chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and chemicals. With its advanced filtration capabilities, it delivers water that is free from these contaminants, promoting a healthier and safer drinking experience.

The Alka Fluoride Free water system comes without a tap, allowing you to choose from any of the options provided. We would recommend the Dual Source Tap. This unique tap allows users to access filtered water on one side and filtered and alkaline water on the other side, providing versatility and convenience in water selection based on individual preferences. Make sure to add the tap of your choice to your cart in addition to this system

Users of the Alka Fluoride Free water system have reported that the water it produces resembles the freshness and vitality of mountain spring water. It is described as fresh, alive, and delicious, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

This alkaline water system combines exceptional filtration capabilities, ensuring fluoride-free water. It also incorporates the health-promoting properties of the Alka Spring system. By utilizing this system, individuals can enjoy the benefits of alkaline ionized mineral water and the assurance of effective filtration, resulting in water that supports their body's health and well-being on a daily basis.

In summary, the Alka Fluoride Free water system offers an outstanding solution for transforming tap water into alkaline ionized mineral water. With its effective purification capabilities and the added benefits of the Alka Spring system, it provides a reliable source of clean, fresh, and health-enhancing water for individuals seeking optimal hydration and well-being.