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Health you can taste

Turn tap water into delicious alkaline ionised mineral water

What if you could arm your body against bad guys just by drinking water? That’s the Alka Jug in essence – a jug full of alkaline ammo to help your body fight its battles and come back healthier than ever.

The Alka Jug turns boring, tasteless, and potentially harmful acidic tap water into delicious alkaline ionised mineral water – infused with health benefits and the peace of mind that comes with knowing what’s going into your body. It’s our simplest water treatment solution, delivering all the good stuff without the need for new plumbing or hardware.

Inside the Alka Jug

Most tap water has an unhealthy pH of around 7 (some are even worse!). Using a unique filter that includes active carbon, biominerals and ceramic energy beads, the Alka Jug increases that pH by 2-2.5, making it alkaline. And this alkalinity is the key, with reported health benefits that range from easing acid reflux to reducing blood pressure and improving bone strength .

The cartridge also reduces heavy metals and harsh chemicals, and replaces the essential minerals and trace elements stripped out by water treatment, like magnesium, strontium, lithium, zinc and calcium. Plus (and this is important) negative ion minerals to help your body absorb minerals more effectively.

The even-better news? Even without the long list of benefits, Alka Jug water is deliciously refreshing and just nice to drink. Ahhhh.

Key product details

  • Your wellness safeguard with every alkaline sip you take
  • Boost your body's defenses, amplify vitality, and rejuvenate effortlessly.
  • Slash plastic waste while saving on costs, one glass at a time.
  • Instantly transform tap water, no installation, just health and hydration.
  • Each removable Alka Jug filter produces roughly 300 litres, which equates to five months of drinking water for an average person.

  • Pitcher capacity: 3.5 litres, effectively two litres of drinking water.

  • Dimensions: approx. height 27cm, length 29cm, width 14cm

  • Filter materials: active carbon, ion exchange resin, negative potential particles, biominerals, FIR (infrared ceramic energy beads), magnesium and alkalising minerals

  • ORP: -100 to -200mV (oxidation reduction potential/antioxidant capacity: - 300 to -400mV), *depending on water source. Keep in mind, the more negative this number, the more this water will work to reduce oxidation in your body, meaning less cell damage, fewer free radicals, even slower aging. You get the idea.

  • pH increases by 2-2.5, changing water from acidic or neutral to alkaline. The filter design means the water will not reach unsafe levels, even if water sits in the jug for a while.

  • BPA-free

The Alka Jug can produce 300 liters of ionized alkaline water, which is equivalent to saving 500 bottles of water. This can potentially result in significant cost savings as well as reduce plastic waste.

Replacing the Cartridge

There are two ways to check the cartridge life. The first way is to use a pH test drops. To do this, test a small sample of the tap water and then test the Alka Jug water for pH and compare the two. If there is only about 1pH difference between the two samples, then it is time to replace the cartridge. It is also recommended to obtain pH testing drops to see the difference of your source water's pH and the resulting alkaline water from the Alka Jug. This method provides a real assessment of the remaining life of the cartridge's capacity to alkalize. 

The second way is to use this chart to check the cartridge life

Number of people

Drinking only

Drinking and Cooking


20 weeks

10 weeks


10 weeks

6 weeks


7 weeks

5 weeks


5 weeks

4 weeks



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