ALKA SPRING - Mineral alkaliser-ioniser Cartridge

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The ALKA SPRING is an incredible antioxidant composite cartridge that will revolutionize your water experience:

  • It harnesses the power of Far-Infra-Red (FIR) Energy Beads and Mineral balls to ionize and enhance your tap water.
  • Improving energy levels; Prepare to be amazed as it introduces antioxidants with a negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) into your tap water, promoting health and vitality.
  • Get ready for a pH boost! The ALKA SPRING raises the pH of your tap water to approximately pH 8.5-9.5, creating a refreshing and alkaline drinking experience.
  • Say goodbye to ordinary water molecules. This filter transforms tap water into smaller clustered molecules, enhancing hydration and absorption by your body.
  • Restoring alkaline buffers, eliminating body acidity and reducing free radicals
  • Increasing antioxidants
  • Increasing oxygen-uptake

Lets dive into the remarkable features of the Alka Spring

  1. Far-Infra-Red Energy Beads: These beads are made from natural infrared raw materials with maifanshi stone and seabed minerals that contain useful trace elements. Using advanced ceramic technology, In the Far-Infra-Red process, the organisms absorb frequencies of 8-14um, which has 90%+ infrared emissivity. The released infrared energy can be easily absorbed, producing smaller water molecule clusters.

  2. Negative Ion Minerals: The ALKA SPRING is a powerhouse of negative ions. By infusing ionic minerals into the source water, it adds negatively charged ions, further enhancing the water's beneficial properties.

  3. Essential Minerals and Trace Elements: Prepare to be nourished! The ALKA SPRING enriches your water with a variety of essential minerals and trace elements. Up to 90 rare trace minerals including Strontium, lithium, silicon, zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium, work together to support the healthy functioning of your body.

Experience the excitement of ALKA SPRING as it transforms your tap water into a revitalizing elixir packed with antioxidants, alkalinity, and essential minerals.

If this is the first time installing this you may require a FILTER ATTACHEMENT KIT and/or a FILTER TAP. (Note: We have a range of Filter taps to choose from)

For your information:

  • Rainwater: Generally lacks minerals and is acidic unless stored in a concrete tank. Rainwater as a regular drinking source leaches the body of minerals. As a result, drinking rainwater long term without remineralization is not recommended.
  • Plastic tank: Rainwater stored in plastic tanks remains acidic and lacks minerals.
  • Concrete tank: In a lot of cases the concrete walls of the tank offer the rainwater alkalizing minerals, lifting the ph into alkaline, and providing Ca and Mg minerals for the ionization. A remineraliser would not be needed for most of the time, however the range of minerals is very limited to a few minerals: Calcium and Magnesium. It is recommended to install a remineralizer also for a concrete tank
  • Reverse Osmosis water: is stripped of contaminants, which is a good thing, however it is also stripped of minerals, which is an unfortunate outcome. Further the reverse osmosis water is acidic at a pH of approx 5.9. To ionise reverse osmosis water, we need to demineralize it first. 

Ionization and minerals:

  • Introduction of minerals is necessary for ionization to work effectively. It is particularly relevant for being able to create higher pH 9.5 - 10. In that process ionisation is also offering a better presence of antioxidants.
  • Enables higher pH levels and increased presence of antioxidants.