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ALKA UV - Alkaline Filter System

ALKA UV - Alkaline Filter System

The ALKA UV Underbench System with Alka Spring post filter Cartridge, specifically the Aquapro UV Undersink Filter system, is a highly regarded solution for addressing...

The ALKA UV Underbench System with Alka Spring post filter Cartridge, specifically the Aquapro UV Undersink Filter system, is a highly regarded solution for addressing rural water issues directly at the point of usage, promoting tranquility in water consumption, particularly in the kitchen. This system incorporates UV technology to effectively kill bacteria, E. coli, and cysts inside the water, providing peace of mind and eliminating the need for boiling or concerns about water safety.

To further enhance the quality of the water, the UV system is combined with the ALKA SPRING cartridge, which offers alkalization and ionization of the water, promoting revitalization, and rejuvenation. This combination provides several health-promoting properties for daily drinking water, offering vitality and nourishment. The cartridge supplements the water with essential minerals, increases magnesium and trace elements, and offers hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant, bringing radiance to each sip. Moreover, it raises the pH to approximately 9.5, making the water alkaline and promoting organic and biological harmony in water consumption.

Attainable Benefits

Essential Minerals: Supplies calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
Improved Hydration: Enhances hydration effectiveness with electrolytes.
pH Balance Support: Maintains healthy pH levels in the body.
Digestive Health: Aids in digestion and prevents constipation.
Mental Clarity: Boosts concentration and mental focus.
Immune Boosting: Provides minerals crucial for immune defense.
Detoxifying Effects: Aids in body detox and cleansing.
Weight Management: Supports metabolic improvement for weight control.
Bone Strength: Helps in maintaining bone density.
Cellular Protection: Offers antioxidant properties for cellular health.

Reduced Impurities

Filtering Chemicals: Reducing the risk of endocrine disruption, liver and kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and neurological problems.
Filtering Bad Smells and Odours: Reducing the risk of reduced water consumption due to unpalatability.
Filtering Heavy Metals: Reducing the risk of neurological issues, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and cardiovascular problems.
Filtering Micro-plastics: Reducing the risk of endocrine disruption, gastrointestinal issues, and ongoing research into possible carcinogenic effects.
Filtering Bacteria and Cysts: Reducing the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses, severe infections, and compromise the immune system.

Selective Filtration 95%
Comprehensive Filtration 5%
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Product Specifications
  • Pressure range of 15-65 PSI
  • Temperature range of 5-40˚C.
  • The system includes a 5-micron sediment filter and a carbon-block filter for removing a wide range of chemicals and sprays to varying degrees.
  • Capacity: Approx 12 months
Alka Spring Specification

The ALKA SPRING is a revolutionary antioxidant composite cartridge that ionizes and enhances tap water using Far-Infra-Red (FIR) Energy Beads and Mineral balls. This system raises tap water pH to 8.5-9.5, infuses it with negative ORP antioxidants, and restructures water molecules for better hydration and absorption. It also increases oxygen uptake and retains essential minerals, supporting daily health and vitality.

Distinctive features of the ALKA SPRING include its use of FIR beads, made from natural maifanshi stone and seabed minerals, to emit beneficial infrared energy, and its capacity to enrich water with up to 90 trace minerals like strontium and lithium for improved bodily functions.

The ALKA SPRING is particularly effective with different water sources. Rainwater, often acidic and mineral-deficient, benefits from remineralization, especially when stored in concrete tanks which naturally alkalinize the water. Conversely, Reverse Osmosis water, which is free of contaminants but also stripped of minerals, requires demineralization to enhance pH and antioxidant presence effectively.

Installation may require additional accessories like a FILTER ATTACHMENT KIT or a FILTER TAP, with several types available to meet user needs.

The cartridge also features Maifenite, or "Wisdom Stone", packed with a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements, renowned in Asia for its health-promoting properties.


Capacity: 3000 liters, 10-15 months for a 2-3 person household.
Hygienic Life: Maximum 2 years.
Installation: After an existing filter and before the filter tap.
Working Pressure: 15 - 65 PSI (pressure reducing valve needed for >70 PSI).
Working Temperature: 5-40˚C.
Contains clay balls and Maifenite (Wisdom stone), packed with a wide range of minerals and trace elements.

Product Dimension:

Height: 35cm x Diameter: 7cm.

Lamp Specifications

UV1GPM Lamp Specifications

Lamp Model: UV1GPM.
Construction: Heavy-duty stainless steel pressure vessel and quartz sleeve for durability.
UV Lamps: High output, hard glass UV lamps ensure maximum efficiency and germicidal effectiveness.
Ballast: CE certified ballast equipped with a lamp failure indicator and warning buzzer for operational reliability.
End Cap: Ceramic end cap for UV lamp enhances durability and safety.
UV Intensity: 30000mic. Watt sec/cm2 at the energy wavelength of 253.7nm for effective microbial disinfection.
Working Pressure: Up to 125PSI to withstand high water pressure systems.
Power Consumption: Engineered for low power consumption to ensure energy efficiency.
Lamp Life: Approximately 9000 hours, equating to about one year of continuous use.
Electrical Compatibility: 110/220V, adaptable to 50Hz/60Hz power systems.
Installation: Versatile installation options, can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit various system configurations.

Active Carbon Filter Specs
1.- Chemicals with very high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:
2,4-D Deisopropyltatrazine Linuron
Alachlor Desethylatrazine Malathion
Aldrin Demeton-O MCPA
Anthracene Di-n-butylphthalate Mecoprop
Azinphos-ethyl 1,3-Dichlorobenzene 2-Methyl benzenamine
Bentazone 1,4-Dichlorobenzene Methyl naphthalene
Biphenil 2,4-Dichlorocresol 2-Methylbutane
2,2-Bipyridine 2,5-Dichlorophenol Monuron
Bis(2-Ethylhexyl)Phthalate 3,6-Dichlorophenol Napthalene
Bromacil 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Nitrobenzene
Bromodichloromethane Dieldrin m-Nitrophenol
p-Bromophenol Diethylphthalate o-Nitrophenol
Butylbenzene 2,4-Dinitrocresol p-Nitrophenol
Calcium Hypochloryte 2,4-Dinitrotoluene Ozone
Carbofuran 2,6-Dinitrotoluene Parathion
Chlorine Diuron Pentachlorophenol
Chlorine dioxide Endosulfan Propazine
Chlorobenzene Endrin Simazine
4-Chloro-2-nitrotoluene Ethylbenzene Terbutryn
2-Chlorophenol Hezachlorobenzene Tetrachloroethylene
Chlorotoluene Hezachlorobutadiene Triclopyr
Chrysene Hexane 1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene
m-Cresol Isodrin m-Xylene
Cyanazine Isooctane o-Xylene
Cyclohexane Isoproturon p-Xylene
DDT Lindane 2,4-Xylenol
2.- Chemicals with high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:
Aniline Dibromo-3-chloropropane 1-Pentanol
Benzene Dibromochloromethane Phenol
Benzyl alcohol 1,1-Dichloroethylene Phenylalanine
Benzoic acid cis-1,2- Dichloroethylene o-Phthalic acid
Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether trans-1,2- Dichloroethylene Styrene
Bromodichloromethane 1,2-Dichloropropane 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane
Bromoform Ethylene Toluene
Carbon tetrachloride Hydroquinone 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
1-Chloropropane Methyl Isobutyl Ketone Trichloroethylene
Chlorotoluron 4-Methylbenzenamine Vinyl acetate
3.- Chemicals with moderate probability of being adsorbed by active carbon*:
Acetic acid Dimethoate Methionine
Acrylamide Ethyl acetate Methyl-tert-butyl ether
Chloroethane Ethyl ether Methyl ethyl ketone
Chloroform Freon 11 Pyridine
1,1-Dichloroethane Freon 113 1,1,2-Trichloroethane
1,2-Dichloroethane Freon 12 Vinyl chloride
1,3-Dichloropropene Glyphosate  
Dikegulac Imazypur  
*(For this chemicals active carbon is only effective in certain cases).    
4.- Chemicals for which adsorption with active carbon is unlikely to be effective. However it may be viable in certain cases such as for low flow or concentrations:
Acetone Methylene chloride 1,4-Dioxane
Acetonitrile 1-Propanol Isopropyl alcohol
Acrylonitrile Propionitrile Methyl chloride
Dimethylformaldehyde Propylene Tetrahydrofuran

To get your system up and running perfectly, we recommend having it installed by a registered plumber. Need help finding a skilled installer? Check out our Dealers and Installers Page and select "installers," or reach out to us with any questions.

The placement of your filtration unit under the bench can be tailored to fit your home's specific setup. 

Installation can take anywhere between 1 hr and up. Since every home is unique, we can't provide an exact timeframe.

Have any more questions or need further advice? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to ensure that your installation process is as smooth and customized as possible.

This system comes with all the parts needed for installation, including T-line Diverter valve, 1/4": tubing, John guest connectors. We have also included some pH drops for you to check the pH level of your water. We recommend alkaline water (8-9.5pH) for optimal health




Alka UV Features

  • Enhanced Alkaline Water Benefits

    Enjoy the multitude of health advantages from alkaline water, including improved acid-alkaline balance, a strengthened immune system, increased hydration, and mitigation of health issues due to acid/alkaline imbalances. This process enriches water with crucial minerals for superior health and well-being.

  • Targeted UV Filtration Excellence

    Incorporating UV filtration directly at your kitchen sink ensures your drinking water is free from harmful bacteria, chemicals, maintaining purity without the need to filter your entire household supply.

  • Compact Design for Selective Filtration

    This system is specifically designed to purify water efficiently at the point of use, ensuring you enjoy high-quality water right from your kitchen sink, saving the cost and resources of whole-house filtration.

  • Optimal Solution for Rural Supplies

    Tailored for rural settings, our system provides advanced filtration, including UV technology, to effectively eliminate bacteria, chemicals, and micro-plastics, delivering safer and cleaner water for all your needs.

Alka UV Benefits

This product has the potential to attain the below benefits, results may vary.

  • Essential Minerals

    Supplies calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are crucial for immune defense

  • Detoxifying Effects

    Aids in body detox and cleansing and Fights against oxidative damage

  • Improved Hydration

    Enhances hydration effectiveness with electrolytes

  • Bone Strength

    Helps in maintaining bone density

  • Cellular Protection

    Offers antioxidant properties for cellular health

  • pH Balance Support

    Maintains healthy pH levels in the body

  • Digestive Health

    Aids in digestion and prevents constipation

  • Mental Clarity

    Boosts concentration and mental focus

  • Filtering Bacteria and Micro-plastics

    Reducing the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses, severe infections, and compromise the immune system

  • Filtering Bad Smells and Odours

    Reducing the risk of reduced water consumption due to unpalatability

  • Filtering Heavy Metals

    Reducing the risk of neurological issues, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and cardiovascular problems

  • Filtering Chemicals

    Reducing the risk of endocrine disruption, liver and kidney damage, increased cancer risk, and neurological problems


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

UV (Ultraviolet) filtration is a water treatment method that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect and purify water. When water passes through a UV filter, it is exposed to UV-C light, which is germicidal and capable of inactivating or destroying various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.
The UV light disrupts the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing and rendering them unable to cause infections or illnesses. UV filtration is particularly effective in eliminating waterborne pathogens that are resistant to other forms of water treatment, such as chlorine.
UV filtration does not remove other contaminants like chemicals, heavy metals, or sediment from water. Its primary purpose is to target and deactivate harmful microorganisms. Therefore, UV filtration is often used in conjunction with other water treatment methods, such as carbon filters or sediment filters, to ensure comprehensive water purification.
It is important to note that UV filtration requires a power source to operate and regular maintenance to ensure the UV lamp is functioning correctly. Monitoring and periodic replacement of the UV lamp are necessary to maintain its effectiveness in disinfecting the water.

According to our supplier The flow-restricter is a part that must be included in the package due to qualification reasons. However, it is not necessary to install the flow restricer. The flow restricter bring the flow down to 40l/min. Our reccomendation for the flow rate is 58l/min and peak flow 11l/min.