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The ALKA UV Underbench System with Alka Spring post filter Cartridge, specifically the Aquapro UV Undersink Filter system, is a highly regarded solution for addressing rural water issues directly at the point of usage, promoting tranquility in water consumption, particularly in the kitchen. This system incorporates UV technology to effectively eliminate bacteria, E. coli, and cysts from the water, providing peace of mind and eliminating the need for boiling or concerns about water safety.

To further enhance the quality of the water, the UV system is combined with the ALKA SPRING cartridge, which offers alkalization and ionization of the water, promoting revitalization, and rejuvenation. This combination provides several health-promoting properties for daily drinking water, offering vitality and nourishment. The ALKA SPRING cartridge supplements the water with essential minerals, increases magnesium and trace elements, and offers hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant, bringing radiance to each sip. Moreover, it raises the pH to approximately 9.5, making the water alkaline and promoting organic and biological harmony in water consumption.

Installed conveniently in the undersink cupboard, this system dispenses purified water through a stylish goose-neck filter tap. Additionally, it features a brushed stainless, dual-source tap that offers the choice between filtered water and filtered alkaline water. This dual functionality provides users with flexibility in selecting their preferred type of water for different needs and preferences.

The UV Underbench System with Alka Spring post filter Cartridge is a comprehensive package, however you will need to select your tap separately and is an addition cost to the system. Included in the system is an Aqua Pro UV filter system, Alka Spring cartridge, T-line diverter valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, 1/4" Connectors, 1/4" Tubing, Wall Brackets, and a pH Testing bottle with a color chart. It is designed to work within a pressure range of 15-65 PSI and a temperature range of 5-40˚C.

The system includes a 5-micron sediment filter and a carbon-block filter for removing a wide range of chemicals and sprays to varying degrees. This ensures that the water is thoroughly filtered and purified before consumption.

In summary, the UV Underbench System with Alka Spring post filter Cartridge offers an exceptional solution for addressing rural water issues and improving the quality of drinking water. With its UV purification capabilities, combined with the alkalizing and ionizing effects of the ALKA SPRING cartridge, it provides safe, refreshing, and health-promoting water that can be conveniently accessed from an undersink tap.