ALKA XTRA - Alkaline mineral filter system

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The ALKA XTRA water system provides an excellent solution for transforming tap water. It combines effective purification with the production of alkaline ionised mineral water. The resulting water is reminiscent of mountain spring water, offering a refreshing and delightful taste.

This system is not only about enhancing the taste but also supporting your overall health and well-being on a daily basis. With the ALKA XTRA, you can enjoy the benefits of alkaline ionised mineral water, which is believed to have potential health benefits.

The ALKA XTRA water system does not come with a tap, allowing you to select the tap you desire, adding it to your cart separately. We would recommend the Dual Source Tap that offers filtered water on one side and filtered and alkaline water on the other side. This convenient design allows you to choose the type of water that suits your needs.

In summary, the ALKA XTRA water system is an exceptional choice for transforming tap water into alkaline ionised mineral water. Its efficient purification process and refreshing taste make it a fantastic option for promoting your body's health and well-being.