Fluoride-Free Benchtop Filter TWIN

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Introducing the Twin Benchtop Fluoride-free filter, the ultimate solution for transforming your city water into a pure and refreshing delight!

Say goodbye to fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, sediment, and rust, as this powerful filter works its magic, leaving you with water that's perfect for drinking and cooking.

Experience the joy of crisp, clean water bursting with vibrant flavor and free from harmful contaminants. It's time to take control of your water quality and elevate your hydration game to a whole new level.

Get ready to indulge in the pure bliss of every sip, knowing that your health and well-being are in good hands. Say hello to a water transformation like never before with the Twin Benchtop Fluoride-free filter.

PLEASE NOTE: You have the options of various Taps, please make sure to select the tap you desire as this system does not come with one as a standard. If you do not require a tap then you do not have to select one