Hardwater Slimline 10" - Filter

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Slimline Housing 10"

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Slimline Housing 10"

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The Hardwater Slimline 10" filter is the perfect solution for tackling hard water issues. This remarkable replacement filter is specifically designed to soften water by removing a significant amount of the high lime and calcium content present in the water source. By doing so, it helps reduce scaling and other related problems caused by hard water.

The filter is an excellent choice as a pre-filter for various applications such as drinking fountains, water ionizers, or fridge fountains. It ensures that the water entering these systems is already softened, providing optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

With a generous capacity of approximately 2000-3000 liters, this filter can effectively handle the water needs of a household for an extended period. For a two-person household, it typically lasts around one year before requiring replacement, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Installation: If this is the first time installing this you will require a Slimline housing 10" - Please add this to your cart if you don't already have one