Ioniser Cleaning Cartridge

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The Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge is a specialized cartridge designed for specific ionizer models such as KYK 25000, KYK 30000, KYK Generation II, EOS Platinum, EOS Equus, and EOS Revelation II. It is designed to fit into the Filter #2 spot of the ionizer.

Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate on the ionizer plates, hindering proper ionization and reducing the effectiveness of the ionizer. The Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge is designed to address this issue by freeing up the build-up on the electrolytic plates, allowing them to ionize water more efficiently. The cleaning cartridge utilizes citric acid to clean the plates and tubing, effectively removing mineral films.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to check the plates every 2-3 months initially to monitor the effects of the water on the ionizer plates and assess the effectiveness of the automatic cleaning cycles. When the ionization level does not meet the desired pH level, indicating a decrease in performance, it is time to clean the ionizer using the cleaning cartridge.

Here are the instructions for using the Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge:

  1. Remove the #2 filter from the ionizer.
  2. Insert the cleaning cartridge into the designated spot.
  3. Press the "on" button to run water on the "pure" water level for approximately 20 seconds or until you see white foam.
  4. Press the "off" button to turn off the water flow.
  5. Allow the white foam to clean the plates for about five minutes.
  6. Run water for about five minutes until there is no more white foam visible.
  7. Replace the cleaning cartridge with your #2 filter.

Please note that the cleaning cartridge is designed for single-use and should not be reused. By periodically using the Ionizer Cleaning Cartridge, you can maintain the performance and efficiency of your ionizer, ensuring optimal ionization and the production of high-quality ionized water