KYK Hisha & KYK H+ Midi - Replacement Filter

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Introducing the Replacement Filter Cartridge for KYK Hisha and KYK Hydrogen Midi water ionizers, specifically designed for benchtop use:

Features of the Replacement Filter:

  • 5 Stage Filtration: This filter cartridge utilizes a comprehensive 5-stage filtration system to ensure optimal purification of your water. It effectively removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, giardia, chemicals, and other contaminants, providing you with clean and refreshing water.

  • Capacity and Duration: The filter has a capacity of 3000 liters or approximately 6 months of usage. Please note that regional variations in water quality may affect the actual lifespan of the filter. If you notice any changes in the taste or smell of the water, it is an indication that the filter media is exhausted and needs to be replaced sooner.

  • Filter Mesh Size: The filter mesh size is 0.1µ micron, allowing for efficient filtration and removal of even the smallest particles.

  • Filtering Material: Made in Korea, this 6-stage filter includes anti-bacterial filter layers, a calcium filter, ceramic filter, and active carbon with silver added. These filtering materials work together to provide superior filtration performance.

Replacing the Filter: The process of changing the filter is simple and hassle-free. Open the back lid of the filter compartment and unplug the filter sensor cable. Unscrew the existing filter in the direction indicated by the arrows on top of the filter and remove it from its base. Install the new filter by pushing it into the filter housing and turning it in the opposite direction of removal. Reconnect the filter sensor cable, close the lid, and refer to the instruction manual for resetting the electronic display.

Signal of Filter Exchange: The water ionizer features an alarm system that notifies you when the filter life reaches 100 liters remaining. The LCD screen will display '0.1' to indicate that you have approximately 100 liters left before the filter needs to be replaced.

Ensure the continuous production of clean and refreshing water by replacing the filter cartridge in your KYK Hisha or KYK Hydrogen Midi water ionizer with this high-quality replacement. Experience the benefits of purified water and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your water is free from harmful contaminants.