KYK HYDROGEN MAX - Underbench Hydrogen Water Ionizer

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Ultra - Rural filter system

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The HYDROGEN MAX is a Hi-Tec Water Ionizer System with the latest PEM Membrane that allows you to drink extra rich hydrogen water with huge antioxidant potential to boost and maintain your health. It is designed for modern kitchens and offers high concentrations of hydrogen water with an abundance of charged electrons that promote cellular health and support the body's immune system. With innovative technology, it can dissolve over 1570ppb of hydrogen in water. Hydrogen is known to be the smallest molecule on the planet, allowing it to enter cells and tissues faster than any other element or molecule, making it the most effective and natural antioxidant


The KYK HYDROGEN MAX is a water ionizer system that offers high-quality ionized hydrogen-rich water. This special water is soft, delicious, and easy to drink, with an abundance of charged electrons and a structured nature that makes the water molecule clusters small, leading to "alive water" that stimulates the body's self-healing capacities. The hydrogen-rich water produced by the HYDROGEN MAX has been shown to be effective in promoting healing, with hundreds of research papers supporting its effectiveness. For more information on the benefits of molecular hydrogen in ionized water, you can visit the company's blog:


The KYK HYDROGEN MAX not only has a beautiful design but also offers strong and safe Ozone Water for sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces, fruits, and vegetables, as well as for general cleaning purposes. Ozone Water is capable of killing viruses, including Coronavirus Sars and Covid 19, within seconds on contact. KYK, the manufacturer of the HYDROGEN MAX, is a well-experienced water ionizer company from South Korea with over 40 years of experience. The HYDROGEN MAX employs advanced technology-intensive special cation exchange membranes in the electrolytic cell system. Additionally, the water from the KYK HYDROGEN MAX tastes clean and good thanks to its three premium filters and filter chips designed to control the period of use. There are several research studies that demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen-rich water, such as reducing oxidative damage, inhibiting cancer cell growth, and improving acid-base homeostasis.
What's more; it automatically cleans itself after every 30 liters