KYK HYDROGEN MIDI - Hydrogen Water Ionizer & Ozone Water Generator

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Introducing the Hydrogen Water Ionizer System from KYK, one of the most experienced water ionizer companies in the world. With cutting-edge PEM technology, this system offers high-potency hydrogen water and electrons that are abundant in antioxidants, promoting cellular health and supporting the body's immune system. If you're looking for a major boost in your health, look no further. Our innovative technology dissolves 1200ppb of hydrogen in water, providing you with the potential health benefits you need. 

Did you know that hydrogen is the ultimate superhero of molecules? It's the smallest one on the planet, which means it can sneak into cells and tissues faster than any other element or molecule. And as if that wasn't enough, it's also the most effective and natural anti-oxidant out there, so it can fight off those pesky free radicals and keep you healthy and glowing.


The HYDROGEN MIDI offers ionized Hydrogen-rich water. This means that the water has been treated with a special cation exchange membrane in the electrolytic cell system that ionizes the water, increasing its hydrogen content and antioxidant potential. Additionally, the KYK HYDROGEN MIDI also offers safe Ozone Water for sterilizing and disinfecting. The ozone is dissolved in water, making it a safe and effective way to kill viruses like Coronavirus Sars and Covid 19 on contact. It can be used to spray surfaces, soak vegetables and fruit, or for general cleaning.

Ozone Water can sterilize and disinfect surfaces, and kill viruses such as Coronavirus Sars and Covid 19 within seconds on contact, and can be used to soak vegetables and fruits for a minute or generally for cleaning. The Ozone Water can kill bacteria and viruses with scientific research that backs it u  >> ozone water killing bacteria and viruses


The HYDROGEN MIDI is a product from KYK, one of the most experienced water ionizer companies in the world with over 35 years of experience in the industry. This product offers excellent technology with an advanced technology-intensive special cation exchange membrane in the electrolytic cell system


KYK HYDROGEN MIDI offers 3 different levels of hydrogen water with varying levels of hydrogen concentration:

  • Level 1 - approx 800ppb
  • Level 2 - 1000ppb
  • Level 3 - 1200ppb

However, the concentration of hydrogen and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) may depend on the mineral content of the source water and flow rate. It is worth noting that hydrogen water is produced through a process called electrolysis, which splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using an electric current 

The Midi Hydrogen Water Ioniser features a Multi-composite media Filter that purifies water using premium activated carbon media. This filter can remove chlorine by approximately 99%, as well as odor, color, heavy metals, chemicals, and agrichemicals to varying degrees. The ionization and filtration process makes the water taste great, smooth, and soft. The filter of the KYK HYDROGEN MIDI is also equipped with a filter chip designed to control the period of use, with a filter life of 6-12 months (6 months if no other pre-filter is present)


And the cherry on top... The system automatically cleans itself!