KYK Juno (66000) - Replacement filter

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Introducing the KYK Juno (66000) Replacement Filter - the ideal cartridge for maintaining the performance of your KYK Juno under bench system:

Filter Features:

  • 5 Stage Filtration: This replacement filter cartridge utilizes a 5-stage filtration system to ensure comprehensive purification of your water. It effectively removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, giardia, and other contaminants, resulting in pure and refreshing water.

  • Capacity and Duration: With a capacity of 4000 liters or approximately 6 months, this filter provides reliable filtration for an extended period. Please note that regional differences in source water quality may affect the filter's lifespan.

  • Filter Mesh Size: The filter mesh size is 0.1µ micron, allowing it to effectively capture even the smallest particles during the filtration process.

  • Filtering Material: Made in Korea, this filter consists of a 6-stage filter media, including anti-bacterial filter layers, a calcium filter, ceramic filter, and active carbon with silver added. Together, they deliver exceptional filtration performance.

Replacing the Filter: Replacing the filter is a straightforward process. Open the back lid of the filter compartment, unplug the filter sensor cable, and unscrew the existing filter in the direction indicated by the arrows on top of the filter. Remove the old filter from its base and install the new filter by pushing it into the filter housing and turning it in the opposite direction. Reconnect the filter sensor cable, close the lid, and consult the instruction manual for resetting the electronic display.

Signal of Filter Exchange: The KYK Juno system is equipped with an alarm system that alerts you when the filter life reaches 100 liters remaining. The LCD screen will display '0.1' to indicate that you have approximately 100 liters left before the filter needs to be replaced. However, if you notice any changes in the taste or smell of the water, it is recommended to replace the filter earlier as the filter media may be exhausted.

Fluoride Removal: For effective removal of fluoride, we recommend installing the FluorEX Max pre-filter system. It provides an additional layer of filtration specifically designed to remove fluoride from your water, ensuring optimal water quality.

With the KYK Juno (66000) Replacement Filter, you can easily maintain the performance and enjoy the benefits of clean and refreshing water from your KYK Juno under bench system. Keep an eye on the filter life indicator and replace the filter as needed to ensure continuous filtration efficiency.