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Introducing the incredible NIT10 Water Filter, specifically designed to tackle nitrate removal with exceptional efficiency. This filter is a game-changer when it comes to majorly reducing nitrate levels in your drinking water. Whether you're dealing with clean bore water, pre-filtered surface water, or even mains water with high nitrate levels, the NIT10 is the solution you've been looking for.

The Nitrate reduction is 90-95% and the reduction is not caused by sulphate levels which degrade the performance of some nitrate removal resins..


Removal capacity: A staggering 11,700mg of nitrate can be effectively eliminated by this powerful filter.

Enjoy approximately 1200 liters of filtered water with a nitrate concentration of 10ppm/cubicm (equivalent to 10mg/l). Or, for even lower nitrate levels, experience around 2400 liters with a concentration of 5mg/l.

Rest assured, the NIT10 is constructed using FDA grade materials, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.  Nitrate selective Anion Resin

For an enhanced experience, we highly recommend complementing the NIT10 with the Active Pure X as a second-stage filter. This dynamic duo not only improves the taste of your water but also effectively removes any media residues that may be present.

With its nitrate-selective anion resin and food-grade quality, the NIT10 Water Filter stands as a testament to its exceptional performance and reliability.

Say goodbye to high nitrate levels and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with safe, great-tasting water. Experience the revolution of nitrate removal with the remarkable NIT10 Water Filter. 

The situation of nitrate pollution in New Zealand's water sources is indeed concerning, reflecting a sad decline in the purity of our precious waters. A comprehensive study revealed that nearly 60% of the freshwater sources assessed in New Zealand exceeded the threshold for nitrate concentrations considered to pose higher risks . This trend highlights the urgent need for action to address and mitigate nitrate pollution.

When comparing different years, it becomes evident that nitrate levels have significantly increased in many locations. Disturbingly, some areas have witnessed a staggering rise of 100-500% in nitrate levels within a span of just six years. The Waikato Treatment Plant, for instance, experienced an alarming increase from 0.13mg/l in 2013 to 4.8mg/l in 2019. Similarly, in Onehunga, nitrate levels rose from 3.3mg/l in 2013 to 13mg/l in 2019, and in Helensville, they increased from 0.6mg/l in 2013 to 4.5mg/l in 2019

Recent research has highlighted the concerning health issues associated with nitrate contamination in our water sources. A comprehensive 2018 Danish study found a significant link between nitrate levels and bowel cancer, even at low concentrations as low as 0.87mg/L. In fact, 74% of test results exceeded this concentration, indicating an increased incidence of bowel cancers.

Moreover, new analysis has revealed that the risk of premature birth increases by nearly 50% when nitrate-nitrogen levels reach just 5mg/L. Alarmingly, 27% of test results exceeded this threshold in the Danish study, emphasizing the need for stricter limits on nitrate levels in drinking water to protect maternal and child health .

Greenpeace recently conducted nitrate testing in the Canterbury area, which further highlighted the extent of the issue. In Dunsandel, for instance, 4% of the tested water samples measured above 11.3mg/L, with the highest reading reaching a shocking 12.9mg/L. It is important to note that the current New Zealand limit for nitrate contamination in water is set at 11.3mg/L, indicating that a significant number of water samples exceed this limit.

These findings underscore the urgent need for stricter regulations and effective measures to address nitrate contamination in our water sources. Protecting public health should be a top priority, and it requires collaborative efforts from government agencies, water management authorities, and communities to ensure the safety and quality of our drinking water. 


Installation: If this is the first time installing this you will require a Slimline housing 10" - Please add this to your cart if you don't already have one 

The NIT10 filter has a capacity of 11,700 milligrams of nitrates as NO3. To determine the capacity of the filter for a specific water source, divide this figure by the nitrate level in that water.

Here are some examples of the capacity for different nitrate levels:

  1. Muriwai with a nitrate level of 4.5mg/l has a capacity of 2600 litres.

    • For a family of 4 consuming 3 litres of drinking and cooking water per day, it would last about 6 months.
    • For a family of 2 consuming 3 litres of drinking and cooking water per day, it would last about 12 months.
  2. Onehunga with a nitrate level of 13mg/l has a capacity of 900 litres.

  3. Wellsford with a nitrate level of 5.3mg/l has a capacity of 2200 litres.

  4. Helensville with a nitrate level of 4.5mg/l has a capacity of 2600 litres.

For the year 2021, there are additional examples:

  1. Hamilton with a nitrate level of 11.3mg/l has a capacity of 1000 litres .

  2. Pukekohe with a nitrate level of 11.3mg/l has a capacity of 1000 litres .

  3. Takaka with a nitrate level of 0.5mg/l has a capacity of 23,400 litres .

These examples demonstrate the capacity of the NIT10 filter for different nitrate levels, allowing you to estimate how long it will last based on your daily water consumption.




image0.jpeg... just had our water tested this morning and I am so pleased with the results. We got a result of 6.25 on nitrate for our tap water (quite high) and our filter water was only 0.065 (practically nothing) so our cheap nitrate filter is removing 99% of our nitrate!!!