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The Sediment Filter is an essential component used as a pre-filter for both Rural and City water supplies, serving to protect the Ultra filter or other filters from clogging up. It effectively removes rust, dirt, scale, sediment, and sand, thanks to its high dirt holding capacity. The filter mesh media consists of 5µ micron Polypropylene microfiber, which ensures efficient filtration.

With a working pressure range of 15 to 60 PSI, the Sediment Filter is designed to accommodate various water supply systems. The product has undergone research and development in the United States and China, highlighting its commitment to quality and innovation.

The longevity of the Sediment Filter depends on the amount of dirt and sediment entering the filter. Once you notice a noticeable blockage in flow, it is an indication that the cartridge needs replacement. Generally, it is recommended to replace the cartridge after a maximum of 18 months of usage to maintain optimal filtration performance.

By incorporating the Sediment Filter into your water filtration system, you can ensure the removal of unwanted impurities, promoting cleaner and healthier water for your household.