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Rarely found but available at Ionza, we present the ULTRA FILTER.

The Ultra Filter stands out as a unique filtration solution with its exceptional capacity to effectively remove challenging microorganisms and contaminants. 

The Ultra Filter can be easily incorporated into existing Water Filters, Fountains, or Water Ionizers as a Pre-Filter, enhancing their filtration capabilities, it is recommended for the Ultra to have a pre-filter in order to not clog up too fast. (Pre-filter: approx. 5-20µ (micron) mesh size).

When it comes to eliminating harmful bacteria, including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and more, the Ultra Filter's 0.01µ Micron filter media is specifically designed for this purpose. It ensures the removal of various waterborne microorganisms and contaminants commonly found in tank water systems, which may include concentrations of E. coli, bacteria, and others.

Furthermore, the Ultra Filter proves to be an excellent choice for addressing the issue of Microplastics and Nanoplastics. With its 0.01µm filter mesh media, it effectively filters out these particles. Given the growing awareness of micro and nano-plastics present in water sources, including town supply, tank or rainwater, the Ultra Filter's capability to remove them is crucial. Ongoing research explores the potential long-term health consequences associated with these contaminants.

Whether you rely on city tap water, tank water, bore water, aquifers, reservoirs, creeks, or springs, the Ultra Filter remains relevant and valuable for ensuring cleaner and safer water supplies.

For more information on the challenges posed by tank water and the options available to make it safe for drinking, please visit https://www.ionza.co.nz/blog/pathogens-issues-with-tankwater-what-options-do-we-have-to-make-tankwater-safe-to-drink/

To learn about the presence of microplastics raining down from the sky and their implications, please refer to https://www.ionza.co.nz/blog/microplastics-are-raining-down-from-the-sky/

Experience the power of the Ultra Filter in safeguarding your water from microorganisms, contaminants, and microplastics, providing you with cleaner and healthier drinking water.  Backflush facility: The Ultra has a 3rd port which is the provision as a backflush facility. It pays to backflush the filter approx. every 1-3 months depending on water source quality. With most water qualities the back-flushing option is an important part for extending the filter life.

If this is the first time installing this you may require a FILTER ATTACHEMENT KIT