Ultra - Rural filter system

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The Ultra-Rural filter system is designed specifically for tank water or similar rural water sources. It serves as a non-electric alternative to UV systems and effectively addresses water issues right at the point of usage in the kitchen.

This 2-Filter system utilizes the Ultra X technology to remove bacteria, E. coli, giardia, cysts, as well as microplastics and nanoplastics larger than 10nm (nanometers) using a powerful 0.01 micron filter media. With this system, you can enjoy clean and safe water, providing peace of mind.

The filter system includes a sediment filter and an Ultra filter, as well as all necessary parts such as the T-line diverter valve, pressure reducing valve, connectors, 1/4" tubing, and wall brackets.

Please note: This system does not include the Tap and this you can select and add to your cart separately if required

The flow rate of this 2-filter system is approximately 1-1.8 liters per minute, depending on the water pressure. It is recommended to have a water pressure range of 20-60 PSI for optimal operation. Even if the water pressure is on the lower end (15-20 PSI), the system will still produce pure, clean, safe, and healthy drinking water, although the flow may be slower. On the higher end of the pressure range, you can expect a good flow rate.

Users have reported that their water tastes significantly better and is now safe to drink after using this filter system.