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Health impacts of Fluoride & Chlorine in our drinking water .. NZ Nutritionist Ben Warren comments

Do you have Chlorine and Fluoride in your drinking water?
Then see what nutritionist Ben Warren has to say here ...

It has now been some time ago that I had a longer interview with NZ top nutritionist Ben Warren and acknowledging his answers on -The effects on our health by drinking daily chlorinated and fluoridated water ... the whole interview is still resonating in my mind until today:

Joseph Blessing: There are lots of people out there who don't even have a filter and think that drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water is just fine, what is your thinking on that?

Ben Warren: The research on chlorinated water shows that it is a peroxidant, it is damaging and it is associated with cancer ...

Joseph Blessing: Can you explain this a bit more

Ben Warren: To understand more about the effects of chlorine .. it is a peroxidant, it steals an electron from molecules so that is how it damages and kills bacteria but then it also steals an electron from our cells and damages our cells .. our bodies can handle that and cope with that to a degree .. but I know that all these factors add in together .. and really if you are looking for optimal health and longevity then minimising that is important .. and in fact it is really easy to knock out chlorine.

Joseph Blessing: In NZ we now have fluoridated water in more than 70% of water supplies. What is your opinion on fluoride ?

Ben Warren: Chlorine is a shame .. but Fluoride for me is devastating! I first came across fluoride .. I was doing a lot of weekend seminars in the Hawkes Bay with a 150 people each time .. I noticed that the people in Napier could lose weight a lot easier than the people in Havelock North. We wondered why .. and the next month seminars .. the same thing happened .. and so on .. and eventually we looked into .. is it the fluoride in the water ? .. as Havelock North has fluoride in drinking water whereas Napier doesn't.
So eventually I caught up with one of the top Halite specialists in the world and I said to him: Is it possible that the fluoride is blocking iodine function and slowing down thyroid function .. and he laughed .. and said 'Of course it does !'
It is higher on the periodic table and blocks 72 pathways that iodine works in the body. If people want fluoride for their teeth then get a fluoride tooth paste and once the teeth are done .. spit it out .. don't drink it. .. For me putting fluoride into the drinking water is crazy ! It is crazy .. why would you put a known toxin into the water ?!

Joseph Blessing: In your experience and understanding what fluoride might cause longterm .. what would the consequences possibly be ?

Ben Warren: This is the crazy thing Joseph, nobody studied that! .. I would love for them to do a study on breast cancer rates ... of Napier versus Havelock North. We know that iodine deficiency is associated with an increase risk of breast cancer ... so if fluoride is blocking iodine .. then theoretically there would be an increase of breast cancer ... nobody has even studied that. I have not seen any longterm health studies on the effect of fluoride in the water.
For me this is a real concern and it does not make any sense

Joseph Blessing: In my understanding iodine is majorly important for healthy immune function to work well. Is this correct ?

Ben Warren: Yes absolutely! Iodine helps with thyroid... there are 72 enzyme pathways dependent on iodine. The metabolism of estrogen, control of cholesterol, so very important .. when you start blocking it with fluoride or bromide you start down regulating those enzyme pathways and you will see systemic effects within the individuals because of the toxicity of the halite.

There is more to the interview. If you would like to watch it fully and get the spirit ...click on the image below
with warm regards
Joseph Blessing

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