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What makes Ionised Alkaline Water so valuable ?

Water based in Science :

Alkaline ionized water (ERW=Electrolysed reduced water or structured water) is different to tap, filtered, bottled, spring, rain, bore, or reverse osmosis water, as it has several other active and alive properties, like natural healing springs show:

Ionised water contains active hydrogen (potent antioxidant), ionic minerals (better mineral uptake)smaller water molecule clusters (increased hydration and detox)active electrons (dynamic organ functioning), and an alkaline pH (improves bloods buffer capacity for pH regulation and improved hydration into cells). In combination those properties in pure water can facilitate many health improvements as described here:

    •    Improving energy levels
    •    Restoring alkaline buffers
    •    Eliminating body acidity
    •    Reducing free radicals
    •    Relieving inflammation
    •    Increasing oxygen-uptake of cells
    •    Improving mineral uptake
    •    Enhancing cell hydration
    •    Removing contaminants
    •    Facilitating increased detoxification

Alkaline ionized water is a great aid for your daily body's needs and maintenance to meet the demanding challenges and stresses that we face in a modern lifestyle.

Prevention of illness: The properties of alkaline reducing water assist to improve the immune system of your body and over time restores the body's environment where illness is less likely to develop.

It assists in:

    •    Reducing aches and pains, relieving arthritis, gout, and acid related conditions
    •    Improving the immune system and making the occurrence of colds, flu’s and coughs less likely
    •    Helping to prevent dis-eases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes
    •    Increasing energy and reducing the effects of chronic fatigue
    •    Relieving asthma
    •    Detoxifying your body, and improving organ function
    •    Relieving eczema, athletes foot and psoriasis
    •    Body weight management
    •    Rejuvenation and improvement of complexion
    •    Improved hydration of skin, hair and cartilages

For research clarifying the connection between Ionised alkaline water to: acidity, inflammation, and dis-ease/s please follow the link:


Disclaimer: The information given here is for educational purposes only and is not meant to cure or treat any disease or illnesses. Consult your doctor for specialised medical advice.


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