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Knowing When You are Acidic

Everything we consume creates either an acid or alkaline ash in the body. A balance between the two is essential in maintaining good health. The body has natural mechanisms to eliminate acids. It can handle the natural acids created by the body. However, the extra acidity created by a poor diet causes the body systems to be overwhelmed with acidic waste.
You may be surprised to find out how many diseases and a variety of physical problems start from acidity. Today's diet and lifestyle has led to the majority of the world's population being over-acidic. Degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, cancers, arthritis, and many more are primarily due to acidosis. The Japanese have been using alkaline water for years to treat such conditions and have been having success in helping people overcome their illness, and further through prevention.
31 Signs Your Body is Too Acidic:

  1. Lack of energy, constant fatigue, loss of physical tone and psychic drive
  2. Sensation of heaviness in the limbs, feelings of inability to cope.
  3. Lower body temperature; frequently feels cold.
  4. Tendency to get infections
  5. Loss of drive, joy and enthusiasm.
  6. Depressive tendencies.
  7. Nervousness, agitation without cause, hyperactivity, sensitivity to high-pitched noises and easily stressed.
  8. Very pale face, or prolonged red face
  9. Headaches.
  10. Eyes tear easily.
  11. Conjunctivitis.
  12. Inflammation of the corneas and eyelids.
  13. Acidic saliva.
  14. Loose teeth.
  15. Inflamed, sensitive gums.
  16. Mouth ulcers.
  17. Cracks at the corners of the lips.
  18. Recurring infections of throat and tonsils.
  19. Teeth are sensitive to hot, cold or acidic foods.
  20. Teeth have a tendency to crack or chip.
  21. Pain in the nerves of the teeth.
  22. Excess stomach acid.
  23. Acid regurgitation.
  24. Gastritis.
  25. Ulcers.
  26. Nails are thin and split and break easily.
  27. Hair looks dull, has split ends, and falls out.
  28. Dry skin.
  29. Skin tends to be irritated in regions where there are heavy concentrations of sweat.
  30. Hives.
  31. Leg cramps and spasms.

Acidosis and it's symptoms can all be treated by drinking alkaline water along with a alkaline/acid balanced diet. Knowing is half the battle.

Source: Check list adapted from The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, by Christopher Vasey, N.D. and Ionza editing

Disclaimer: The information in this newsletter is for educational purposes only and is not meant to cure or treat any disease or illnesses. Consult your doctor for specialised medical advice.


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