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What do international athletes say?

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In the realm of athletes, from renowned champions to everyday enthusiasts, the transformative power of ionized alkaline water is making waves. The quest for peak performance and physical well-being has led many to explore the remarkable benefits of this hydration marvel.

Hydration during exercise is crucial, with athletes requiring several liters of water daily. Water is the body's life force, regulating temperature, lubricating joints, and facilitating nutrient transportation.

Greg Ueckert, Cyclist and dentist, about his work out and ionized water:
Greg has been drinking ionised water for 2 years: “I do cycling as a hobby but I like to compete, I do races, and commute on my bike. I live in a really hot part of my country. So it is important to hydrate and be hydrated. So I did not know anything about what good water was, up until I met a mate. And he explained to me that there was the issue of acidity and cluster formation of the water. I got a machine, and I could immediately tell the difference when drinking the water because you can feel in the throat, due to the way the water clusters. I suffered from muscle cramps my entire life, and I really noticed in the last 2 years from using the water, that my cramping is much much less. I still when I have really hard efforts, I can cramp, but it is nothing as it used to be. It used to be debilitating, now if I have it, I can still ride through it. It is much less frequently as it used to be. And hydration wise, I get massage regularly, and my masseuse tells me that my skin looks well hydrated.
I also enjoy drinking it,... I became a bit of a water snob, because I can taste the difference. I can tell whether I want to swallow it, I know what that is like it is like little finger nails hanging onto my throat when I don't like water. 
My performance is better, I am using iW when I make my cycling drinks instead of buying Gaterade, in particular also with the hydration tabs, that have the electrolytes in there that you need when you are performing like that. But I always have one bottle because there is just nothing like water. The nice thing also was, my wife never was a big water drinker, and normally it was due to flavour and the acidity in the water and the whole thing, when swallowing it was not comfortable, and the minute she tasted this water, it was like a light that went on for her. Now we use it for the whole house, kids and supplements. ……"
Source: Youtube:Greg Ueckert – Athletic performance and Kangen Water (ionised water) and ionza editing
Ray Giles –World Champion, Professional Trainer, Coach & Conditioner has had outstanding results for Athletes with ionized alkaline water.
 "Personally I have never felt better since I started drinking ionised water. I feel so much more alert and sharper. It’s like a fog has lifted. As for the athletes I train, I would never have believed it unless I had seen it. That ionized water could make such a remarkable difference to ones performance. They have more energy, don’t fatigue as quickly under stress and stay hydrated for longer. As their bodies are not as stressed they are more settled and relaxed in themselves. This allows them to make and execute great decisions under extreme pressure...."

Malcolm Howard – Olympic Gold Medalist – Rowing
” As an elite athlete, I have to do everything I can to be in the best possible health so I can do the training necessary to be a champion.  What I put in my body is just as important as how hard I train.  Alkaline water is an important part of my hydration in training.  My body is a high performance machine and water is its fuel.  To be at my best and strongest , I drink the highest quality water."
Source:: sportsmedicine.about.com, waterfyi.com, ionza editing

Jenny Abbott, Motueka/Nelson    Specialist in Nutritional Balancing, Chemical and Heavy metal detoxification and Sports Performance Nutrition:
"Water is our body’s most essential macronutrient, it’s a universal solvent and is the medium for transporting food materials to be used in the body.  Whether you are an elite athlete or an enthusiastic participant, it is vital to not only have optimal free radical scavengers but also to be able to deliver necessary fuel source directly to the cells as required.  Alkaline ionised water serves both of these requirements therefore, significantly improving recovery time and endurance. My findings in the practice  and my own cycling and gym training have shown noticeable benefit when incorporating alkaline water."
Starting cycling and jogging again: "Recently I have been pushing myself to get out there and do some sporty stuff. I realised being around 52, that I have become a bit lazy in the last few years, and need to do more for my body again. Soooo ...... to action: I  bought myself a second hand road bike, a Peugeot classic similar to one I used to have 30 years ago. It was about 6 months ago, a few days into it, I was going hard out, pushing up long hills, quite a challenge for the untrained ...... I was so sure that I would be so sore. But no, I was hugely surprised that I wasnt. That made me thoughtful already then, remembering from years back that I always had issues with sore muscles, and at times cramps.
More recently I also started jogging again. Going for 40minutes within a week of starting, again pushing hard, and the same experience, not sore! How is that possible....?"
Joseph Blessing

As we witness these testimonials, it becomes evident that ionized alkaline water is not just a beverage; it's a game-changer in the world of athleticism and well-being.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on individual experiences and testimonials. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.


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