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Health Professionals Embracing Ionized Water

An increasing number of healthcare professionals in New Zealand are recognizing the potential benefits of ionized water for health. In many practices, ionizers have been installed to provide clients with access to ionized water and promote its potential therapeutic value in addressing various health conditions. The positive impact of ionized water on the health of blood cells has been observed in a short period, supported by Hemaview testing (see screen image).


One notable area of interest has been the use of ionized water in cancer treatment, both preventatively and during acute treatment. Ionized water is considered a valuable supportive element in the body's fight against a wide range of diseases, as many diseases are believed to originate from excessive body acidity. Ionized water is often incorporated as part of a holistic approach to recovery.

The use of ionized water extends beyond New Zealand and is utilized globally. For example, in Canada, doctors prescribe ionized water for specific treatments. In New Zealand, the significance of ionized water in healthcare is also on the rise.

Here is a list of healthcare professionals, including doctors, health practitioners, and herbal dispensaries, who have incorporated Ionza water ionizers into their clinics:

North Island:

  • Dr. Tessa Jones at Karanga Health in Wellington and Auckland. Clinic: Karanga Health, Phone: (04) 389 0800, Location: Newtown, Wellington.
  • Valemma Wright Healthcare in Orewa. Phone: (09) 426 3893 or (09) 431 5977.
  • Sinclair Chiropractic in Albany, Auckland. Phone: (09) 4780909.
  • David Holden ND at Global Health in Takapuna, Auckland. Phone: (09) 4880215.
  • Global Health, General natural Health practices in Takapuna, Auckland. Phone: (09) 4880215.
  • Waimarino Natural Health with Diana Hardwick-Smith, Naturopathy in Glendowie, Auckland. Phone: (09) 5211056.
  • Catherine Arnault at LymphEnergy in Parnell, Auckland. Phone: (09) 3689496.
  • Auckland Health Clinic, Naturopathy with Denise Ferris in Epsom, Auckland. Phone: (09) 5228626.
  • Paul Dawkins, Naturopathy in Epsom, Auckland. Phone: (09) 6236294.
  • Helen's Natural Health clinic with Helen Hope, Naturopath in Kohimarama, Auckland. Phone: (09) 5216536.
  • Rosemarie Bremner, Naturopath at Bremdale Garden in Nuhaka. Phone: (06) 8378729.
  • Narelle Whyte Ryan, Acupuncture in Gisborne. Phone: (021) 063 1129.
  • Mauriorahealth with Marisa Davies, Naturopathy in Chartwell, Hamilton. Phone: (07) 8535246 or mobile (022) 0183800.
  • Mandana Moghadassi, Health practices at Pathways to Freedom in Hamilton. Phone: (07) 8533493.
  • Holistic Wellness with Richard Tax ND, naturopathic clinic in Mount Maunganui. Phone: 0800 DETOXX (338699).

South Island:

  • Brian Dodds, Health practitioner and researcher in Takaka. Phone: (03) 5259904.
  • Synergistic Wellbeing Clinic with Jenny Abbott in Motueka. Phone: (03) 5278150.
  • Health for Life Clinic with David Preston, Chinese Clinic in Richmond. Phone: (03) 5444610.
  • John Bray Naturopathy in Richmond. Phone: (03) 5445190.
  • Loveday Natural Health Centre with John K Loveday in Nelson. Phone: (03) 548 0998.
  • Brilin Health Research with Ron Bisset, offering alternative cancer treatment in Timaru. Phone: (03) 6881661.
  • Happy Spine Chiropractic with Jim Miller in Riccarton, Christchurch. Phone: (03) 348 3536.
  • Helios Integrative Medical Centre with Dr. David Ritchie in Opawa, Christchurch. Phone: (03) 3325702.

Please note that the information provided here is for reference and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you have any medical concerns, please consult your personal healthcare professional. The information may not be supported by conventional medicine or New Zealand Health Authorities, but it is well-documented and endorsed by many doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide.


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