CHANSON - Miracle RX - Undersink Water Ionizer-Alkalizer

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2 Year Ionizer Warranty

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3 Year Ionizer Warranty

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Ultra - Rural filter system

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The Chanson Miracle RX is a revolutionary under-bench water ionizer/alkalizer that provides high-quality ionized water with a sleek stainless-steel design, touch-sensitive smart panel, and beautiful stainless-steel faucet

This powerful machine has 7 plates, a 185W smart power system, and a soft power system (SMPS) that helps achieve excellent ionization levels with strong alkaline and acidic levels, great hydrogen production, and ORP levels.

With a pH range of 2.7 to 11.3 and ORP levels from +900 to -820 mV, this ionizer/alkalizer is the most important element in your kitchen.

It is thoroughly tested and certified, BPA-free, free of lead, mercury, cadmium, fluoride, and chlorine, and ROHS compliant.

The filter should be replaced every 6 to 12 months depending on usage and is recommended to be used with a pre-filter system to ensure the ionizer is functioning at its best. Think of it as a water detox system, cleansing your water of impurities.

The stainless-steel faucet has a smartphone-like display, making it easy to select the type of water you want, and the remaining filter life will be auto-adjusted according to your water quality.

The RAD Self Cleaning system helps to de-calcify the plates and prolongs the life of the electrolytic plates, and users can customize how often the RAD self-cleaning cycle is initiated, depending on the user's water quality.

This ionizer/alkalizer can be fine-tuned for your source water quality and has an auto-adjust function that adjusts the remaining water filter life and time of self-clean according to your water quality. It’s like having a water guru, adjusting your water to perfection. In conclusion, the Chanson Miracle RX is the hero your water needs. It's not just a water ionizer/alkalizer, it's a water superhero that will transform your water into the ultimate hydration experience.